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What did Queen Boudica look like?

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Is is reported that Queen Boudica was tall, had long red hair down to her knees, and usually wore a multi-coloured tunic, a heavy golden necklace, and a substantial cloak secured by a brooch. She was said to have carried a spear, and was very frightening to look at. See 'related links' for a description written by Cassius Dio.

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What was Boudica the Queen of?

Boudica was the Queen of the Iceni, a Celtic tribe.

Where did Queen Boudica come from?

Boudica was from Britain.

Where was Boudica considered a queen?

Boudica was considered a queen in the British Iceni tribe.

What did Queen Boudica think of the Roman Empire?

"What did Queen Boudica think of the Roman Empire?"

What tribe was Boudica queen of?

Boudica was Queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe in England at the time of Claudius's invasion.

Why is boudica a queen?

she is famous

Which tribe was Boudica queen of?

she was the queen of the Iceni tribe

How long was boudica queen?

Boudica was never the "Queen" of all of England, she was the leader of her tribe, the Iceni, who were defeated by the Romans in the West Midlands in 61AD.

How many children did Queen Boudica have?


Who was the husband of Queen Boudica?

Prasutagus was the husband of Boudica. For more information about King Prasutagus and Queen Boudica, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions and Related Links.

Why did Queen Boudica kill herself?

Queen Boudica was facing capture by the Romans so instead of them killing her she was said to have drank poison and killed herself.

When did boudica die?

Queen Boudica in the year 61 AD. It is not certain whether she died of a disease or committed suicide.

Was Queen Boudica married?

She was married to King Prasutagus.

What was Boudica's profession?

Boudica was the Queen of the Iceni tribe.

Which Celtic queen started something with the Romans?

It was Boudica

What were the names of Queen Boudica?

what are the names of here kids

Which tribe did boudicca belong to?

Boudica was the Queen of the Iceni.

What happend to queen boudica daughters?

It's thought that Queen Boudicca's daughters committed suicide along with her.

Did the Romans like Queen Boudica?

No. In fact, they really did not like her, as they flogged her and raped her daughters. She led an unsuccessful rebellion against them, but destroyed several cities.

What buildings did Queen Boudica destroy?

Boudica likely destroyed many buildings during her attacks, but a notable one was the destruction of the Temple of Claudius in Colchester.

Who was a famous Queen?

There are many famous queens some of them are: Queen Boudica Queen Victoria Queen Elizabeth 1 Queen Mary 1 Anne Boleyn Queen Anne

When was Boudicea born?

Boudica was born in 30 AD. Boudica was the Queen of the British Iceni tribe. Her tribe led an uprising against the Roman Empire forces.

Who was Boudica and what did she do?

She was a Celtic Queen that fought against the Romans around 61 AD.

Why was boudicca known as the warrior queen?

Boudica led a rebellion against the Romans.

Why did Queen Boudica attack Colchester?

It was a sort of capital for the Romans in Britain, and was the location of the Temple of Claudius. Boudica was seeking revenge against the treachery and brutality of the Romans to her and her daughters.

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