What did Richard stallman mean when he stated that GNU was a free operating system?

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As most people will tell you about software licensing, the definition of "free" in this case is freedom from licensing restrictions, not as in free-of-charge (in which is derived from the original definition ["...not as in free beer..."] to make it more all-ages friendly).

Why is the Unix operating system virus free?

First of all, Unix (and even Linux) is NOT virus free. Although rare, there are viruses for such systems. One of the primary reasons that Unix / Linux do not get as many viruses is that the ability of different users is limited. Non-technical users will be restricted in their ability to install ( Full Answer )

State examples of distributed operating systems?

The Systems Engineering group at NI has developed a set of data logging and monitoring example LabVIEW code for test cells and similar uses. The example application is configuration-driven (point/click, drag/drop), and suitable for use with DAQmx, Fieldpoint, and custom (VI-based) I/O servers. It il ( Full Answer )

What is a gnu?

Answer . The wildebeest, also known as the gnu is a large ungulate (hooved) antelope (genus Connochaetes) ."Gnu" is likely an imitation of the wildebeest's characteristic grunting in the Khoikhoi language. http://www.planet-pets.com/plntwldb.htm.

What are some free operating systems?

Windows 10 is currently a free operating system and can bedownloaded on the Microsoft website, Ubuntu OS is also a freeoperating system, it can be Downloaded from the Ubuntu websiteUbuntu.com/download

What do you mean by operating system software?

Operating system software is a program like Windows, i.e. a program you must have to run a computer. Other software you choose to run is called applications software. Programs like Excel, Word or Internet Explorer are application software. Over history there have been lots of different operating sys ( Full Answer )

Are there free operating systems?

Yes. A very large variety of operating systems are available free of cost, and many with source code available. Operating systems available free of charge, for any purpose, with source available: . Linux - Unix-like OS . FreeBSD - Unix-like OS . OpenBSD - Unix-like OS . NetBSD - Unix-like ( Full Answer )

What is the best free operating system?

This is impossible to answer conclusively. In addition to the fact that no operating system is perfectly suited to all tasks, the word free itself is up for debate. Free can have several different meanings to different people. To many people it means that it is free of any monetary cost. To oth ( Full Answer )

What is a free enterprise system mean?

The Free Enterprise System is based on the right of the individual to run a business for profit with a minimum of government control. The characteristics of a free enterprise system are freedom, competition, and private ownership.

What does device management mean in an operating system?

Device management controls peripheral devices by sending them commands in their own proprietary language. The software routine that knows how to deal with each device is called a "driver," and the OS requires drivers for the peripherals attached to the computer. When a new peripheral is added, that ( Full Answer )

How many free operating systems are there?

There are loads and loads of free operating systems, most of them are distributions of Linux which come in many forms, perhaps the most popular of these being ubuntu due to it's ease of use. However there are other free OSs such as FreeBSD and a project that aims to make a free clone of windows XP.

Are there virus free operating system?

Actually, Yes. There are many operating systems out there which have no possibility for a malware to be written. THESE CAN AND WILL GET VIRUSES: Microsoft Windows is a real disadvantage in this, as any program (including malware) can be run and installed WITHOUT the user's permission, viewin ( Full Answer )

What operating system can be downloaded for free of the internet?

Unix and any Unix based operating systems can be downloaded for free. There are also many operating systems that can run on top of Windows or side by side. Many of these types of operating systems are Lynix based. All of these operating systems are "open source" which means that any one that knows h ( Full Answer )

What is GNU in operating system?

\nGNU is a Free Software project which is essential to the Linux operating system. It is a project that provides and distributes a lot of the software which is essential to making a fully-functional operating system distribution based upon the Linux kernel.\n. \nFor example, the Linux tools/comman ( Full Answer )

Is UNIX-operating system a free software?

Currently, The Open Group owns the "Unix" trademark. No, Unix branded operating systems are proprietary and copyrighted. They are not free or open systems software. From its start until 1993, Unix distributions included all their source code. Programmers have made many free and open Unix-li ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of 'resident monitor ' in an operating system?

it is piece of software that is use in early(1950-70) in genral computer in punch cards. when the a program want to be executed in genral computer then insert a punch card and give the instruction of initial storage by pressing the button, after that the program was executed.

What is GNU?

GNU is a Unix-like operating system created and funded by the Free Software Foundation. One of the goals of the Free Software Foundation was an operating system composed entirely of free software. Many pieces, such as shells, utilities, and compilers were created for this purpose. The GNU operating ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of buffering an operating system?

Refers to buffering:as reading and writing data from hdd takes long time.so to improve the speed for data processing the data next required by processor is stored is cache memory or CPU register.for e.g. to cut certain line from text file to copy into another file.cut data get stored in to buffer (C ( Full Answer )

What does 'Operating system not found' mean?

it means that no operating system is installed on the boot device, or it has been corrupted to an unusable state. You will need to reinstall the operating system to solve this problem.

What is the meaning of a 'pirated operating system'?

Pirated: In terms of computing is act of copying the software in illegal form and against law. More, the details of user is not provided to the software vendor, nor price of license. The license is a certificate that show that your software is genuine. There are a lot of advantages of using genuine ( Full Answer )

What does OS operating system mean?

OS stands for operating system. It is basically what runs your computer. Examples of operating systems are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X Tiger, Mac OS X Leopard, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (there are many more).

What did Richard Stallman mean when he stated GNU was a free operating system?

In the free software world, there are several uses of the word "free." The two main ones are "free as in speech" and "free as in beer." Free as in speech means you are relatively unfettered in what you can do with the software. You can modify it, use it for whatever you want, and give it to others ( ( Full Answer )

Are free operating system ISO images legal?

Yes. ISO images for free software operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, ReactOS, or OpenSolaris are usually legal. However, on the off chance that it contains material that is not legally redistributable, such as unlicensed music or video, then that particular image would not be legal. In some area ( Full Answer )

What is an open source operating system available as a free download?

One there is the ever popular GNU/Linux, which can be obtained through many distros such as Ubuntu or Fedora. Also there is the BSD family consisting of OpenBSD and FreeBSD. Additionally there is Haiku which is an open source continuation of BeOS.

What is a safe state in operating system?

Safe State Safe state is one where . It is not a deadlocked state . There is some sequence by which all requests can be satisfied. To avoid deadlocks, we try to make only those transitions that will take you from one safe state to another. We avoid transitions to unsafe state (a state ( Full Answer )

Where you can download new operating systems for free?

Linux is a great free OS, some parts are a bit more complicated than windows but it only takes a bit of getting used to. Developers can create their own versions of Linux - browse them all here .linux.com/directory The OSs below are both distributions of Linux. Ubuntu - this is one of the most ( Full Answer )

Why is Linux said to be a virus-free operating system?

Ya Linux is virus free OS, How?? Answer: Linux OS Extracted files and folders are kept hidden which cannot be accessed by viruses. Now what are Viruses?? Viruses are the files which carry the path-name of the WINDOWS FOLDER present in Windows OS where all the functional .(DOT)dll files are sto ( Full Answer )

Why is Linux a virus free operating system?

No there are Linux malware in the wild. However, there are fewer when compared to Windows and access to the operating system is more difficult than it is for Windows.

When did GNU free documentation license begin?

The GFDL was released in draft form for feedback in September 1999. After revisions, version 1.1 was issued in March 2000, version 1.2 in November 2002, and version 1.3 in November 2008. The current state of the license is version 1.3

What role did Richard Stallman play in the development of Linux?

On a technical level? Nothing directly. In fact, as time went on it seemed like Richard Stallman seems to really dislike Linux. Some claim that Linux wouldn't exist without GNU, which was RMS' doing, but in all honesty Linux could still have easily existed without it. It's nnot like GCC was the o ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of disc operating system?

disck operating system means an operating system primarily run on older computers and run from a disket or disk todays computers run the operating system from the hardrive where as witrh dos the operating system was loaded into the ram via a disk or loaded onto the hard drive via a disk plus it was ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by thread in operating systems?

"A thread is the smallest unit of execution" single os can have multiple threads running thereby creating a multithreading environment. Each thread has a priority based on which the process is executed.

Where to get free windows operating system for boot camp?

There is no such thing as a legal 'free' copy of Windows ! Every legal copy has to be bought - either direct from Microsoft, from a computer retailer or be supplied with a new computer (in which case the cost of the OS is included in the price of the hard-ware).

What are examples for free operating systems?

There are a number of free operating systems for personal computers. They include Linux, NetBSD, GNU, Open Solaris, Darwin, Free DOS, AROS, eCOS and Haiku.

What is operating system means?

Operating system is the interface between user and computer. GUI( graphical user interface) so user can access and use the application easily they not need to worry about the background process for Example- If you want to copy a file just click copy by your mouse or ctrl+c and you ready to copy. No ( Full Answer )

What are process states in operating system?

To put it in simple terms, we write our computer programs in a textfile and when we execute this program, it becomes a process whichperforms all the tasks mentioned in the program. When a program is loaded into the memory and it becomes a process,it can be divided into four sections ─ stack, h ( Full Answer )