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You should be more specific about what you are referring (or looking for): Natural Resources, particular types of peoples, performing artists, natural features, industry, etc.

Without some kind of direction, the question is much too broad and cannot be answered.

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well my question, that I meant to say in the first place is that, what did south America have more to offer than north America. if this does not make sense, its ok. Bing has more than one anser
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Q: What did South America have more of than North America?
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Does north America have more commercial farmland then South America?

It appears so that north America does have more commercial farmland then South America

What continents have more land North America or South America?

North America is larger than South America and has more land mass

Why is soccer more popular in south America than north America?

becus the south side is more hecazz then the north

What continent has more land North America and South America?

North America (24,709,000 km2) has more land than South America (17,840,000 km2).

How does south American continent compare with north America in physical features?

South America is more tropical and has more forest area and waterways than North America. North America is more mountainous.

What did south America have more than north America?


Is most of South America north of the equator or south?

More than 90% of SOUTH America is SOUTH of the equator.

Which continent has more land north south amerca?

North America has more land area than South America. However, a lot of it is uninhabited.

Does north and central America have more countries than south America?


What does South America have more of than North America?

silver and gold

Which continents has more landNorth America or South America?

North America has an area of 9,540,000 sq miles. South America has an area of 6,890,000 sq miles. This means that North America has a larger land area than South America.

Which continent is bigger North America or South America?

North America is bigger than South America

Is South America more closer to the North Pole than Antarctica?


Which chain of mountains runs north and south through the entire length of south america?

The Andes mountains run north and south for more than 4000 miles through South America.

What continents have more than 20 political regions?

This depends on what you define as a continent. America as a whole has more than 20, when you include South and Central America, but if you separate them into North America and South America then neither of them have 20. Europe, Asia and Africa all have more than 20.

Why are there more shark attacks in south America than in north America?

Sharks accumulate more around south america and the islands around it. Also has to do with the types of sharks around the areas.

What continent is closer to Africa- north or south America?

South America is closer to Africa than North America.

Is north America warmer or colder than South America?

It depends on location and time of year. Overall, North America is colder than South America on average.

Is North America closer to Argentina or South Pole?

North America is closer to Argentian than to the South Pole. Argentina is between North America and the South Pole.

What are three possible reasons for the success of the Spanish colonial efforts in Central America and South America as compared to their relative failure in North America.?

The Spanish were the first to arrive in South America. There was much more competition in North America than South America. The French, Dutch and English all had colonies in North America.

Is South America north or south of North America?

It is southeast of North America. The westernmost points of South America are due south of Miami, Florida. Only about 15% of South America lies farther west than the Atlantic coast of Maine.

In America are people in the north smarter than people in the south?

It used to be more common to find more educated people in the North than South, but that didn't mean everyone in the South was stupid and uneducated. Nowadays there isn't really a region that's more excelled than another.

How does North America Compare and contrast to South America?

It is different because South America is mostly more latin than the U.S.They are alike because They are both seprated by Central America

Which continents than are larger than South America?

Continents that are larger than South America are Asia, Africa, and North America.

Is South Africa's president the same as North America's president?

No. South Africa has its own president. North America has more than one president, as there is one in Mexico and one in the United States of America. Canada does not have a president.