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What did South America have more of then North America?


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On a geographical basis, South America has more rain forests and jungle type areas then North America. Politically speaking, South America has many more countries then North America.

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North America is larger than South America and has more land mass

South America is more tropical and has more forest area and waterways than North America. North America is more mountainous.

becus the south side is more hecazz then the north

North America (24,709,000 km2) has more land than South America (17,840,000 km2).

North America, which has a population of 528,720,588, compared to 382,000,000 of South America.

I am pretty sure that south America has more people

South America, because North America Has about 10.3% of the world's population, while South America has 13.2% of the world's population.

South America, North America just has Canada, U.S.A, Mexico, and Greenland

South America because of the amount of forests in South America.

Most of North America is north of the Tropic of Cancer.

More than 90% of SOUTH America is SOUTH of the equator.

It is more similar to South American countries, but it is a North American country

North America has more land area than South America. However, a lot of it is uninhabited.

Yes, South America has more forest land than farmland.

It depends on which American continent you are referring to. South America is (mostly) south of the equator. North America is north of the equator and Central America is more or less on the equator.

What two bodies of water are south of North America but north of South America

From the Isthmus of Panama north is North America and south of that is South America.

Because Central America and the Caribbean islands are considered part of North America, the answer is North America.

It would have to be north to have that term applied. All of North America is north of the equator, and most of South America is south of the equator.

North America is north of South America.north america, Mexico is a part of North America too

South America is south of North America.

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