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What did Theodore Roosevelt do for national parks?

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He set aside 194 million acres as nature preserves, monuments and national parks.

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What state park was named for Theodore Roosevelt?

I'm not sure about state parks, but national parks include Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Theodore Roosevelt Island National Park, Theodore Roosevelt Inauguration National Historic Site, and Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site.

How many parks did Theodore Roosevelt help found?

Theodore Roosevelt established five national parks.

How many national parks did Theodore Roosevelt create?

150 national parks

Did Theodore Roosevelt create and devolpe the national parks system?

Theodore Roosevelt added national parks, but he did not create the first, nor did he create the National Park Service.

Who created national parks?

Theodore Roosevelt pushed the idea of national parks and national forests.

What president set up national parks?

Theodore Roosevelt

Who established national parks and millions of national forests?

President Theodore Roosevelt

What was the name of the program Theodore Roosevelt made for national parks?

the abbythone

What do old faithful Theodore Roosevelt and national parks have in common?

Old faithful is located in Yellowstone National park, the us national park system was started by Theodore Roosevelt.

How did Theodore Roosevelt work to save national parks?

Theodore Roosevelt signed into law the American Antiquities Act of 1906, which allows the President to declare national monuments at his discretion. Using it, he set aside 14 national monuments including a large portion of the Grand Canyon. Congress is the only governing body with the power to create national parks, and Theodore Roosevelt signed 5 national parks into law.

What did John Muir encourage president Theodore Roosevelt to do?

create national parks

How did Theodore Roosevelt impact the US as president?

Teddy Roosevelt stopped deforestation and created national parks

National parks such as are a result of the?

Department of the Interior. President Theodore Roosevelt was primarily responsible for the (Creation) of at least five National Parks.

What did Theodore Roosevelt do to help the environment?

Theodore Roosevelt established our first National Parks and created the National Park Service. He created Wildlife Refugees and protected American forests.

Did Theodore Roosevelt invent national parks?

He was the President when the first national park was formed and he was in favor of the idea.

When did Theodore Roosevelt come up with the idea of national parks?

He actually didn't! Several national parks were established before TR was president.

How was Theodore Roosevelt involved with setting aside land for the National Parks?

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American President instituted the National Parks and National Forests?

Two presidents are responsible for the establishment of the national parks and forest system. The were Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

What two us presidents has the most national parks named after him?

The only U.S. President with a U.S. National Park named after him is Theodore Roosevelt, the "Conservationist President". Theodore Roosevelt National Park is in the Badlands of North Dakota.

Which President set aside millions of acres of land for the creation of national parks?

Theodore Roosevelt

Which president promoted a program of New Nationalism that included conservation and national parks?

Theodore Roosevelt

Why was Theodore Roosevelt most important to the environmental movement historically?

Teddy Roosevelt is credited with establishing most of the national parks such as crater lake national park.

Why was Theodore Roosevelt a popular president?

Theodore Roosevelt was the president who began the establishment of National Parks for public use. He was the president that believed in Speak Softly but Carry a Big Stick.

What did president Theodore roosevelt do promote conservation?

Among other things he began the national parks system.

Which president promoted a new program of new nationalism that included conservation and national parks?

Theodore Roosevelt