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US President Lincoln's goals and hopes for the War, changed as military actions forced a new look for Lincoln regarding the war. In the beginning of the conflict, the weeks and months after Fort Sumter, Lincoln's belief, and thus his hope and goal, was to quickly end the Southern rebellion. He believed the Union could be reunited and the slavery issue could be settled as a united nation. As it became clear that the South was able to put together field armies that were not easily beaten, Lincoln realized his goals had to change. His belief evolved into one where he saw that only a military solution was the answer. He knew that Southern armies had to be destroyed and Southern cities captured. Yet, as he said in his second inaugural address in March, 1865, he blamed each side for the war.

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Q: What did US President Lincoln hope and fight for during the US Civil War?
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What wars was Lincoln in?

Lincoln was the president during the United States Civil War, but he did not fight.

What 12 letter word did President Lincoln hope and fight for during the Civil War?

Emancipation (for slaves) is what President Lincoln hoped and fought for during the Civil War.

Did Abraham Lincoln fight in any wars?

No, was just president during the Civil War.

Did Abraham Lincoln fight the north civil war?

Abraham Lincoln is a president; presidents do not fight.

What does Abraham Lincoln have to do with slavery?

Abraham Lincoln was the Union President during the civil war. The whole of the Civil War was a fight over allowing slavery or not. Lincoln wanted slavery to end and later made that happen.

What were the war name that Abraham Lincoln fight?

the civil war. and he didnt fight he was the president at the time.

Did Abraham Lincoln fought at the civil war?

Lincoln didn't fight... he was the president. However he appointed generals and drafted men to fight for the Union army

What did Lincoln fight to preserve during the civil war?

Lincoln wanted to preserve the union to protect and defend.

What did President Lincoln hope and fight for in the Civil War?

Sectionalism, Western Expansion, State's Rights, Slavery

Who worked as an enlistment officer during the Civil War and encourage President Lincoln to make Emancipation an issue in the Civil War?

Frederick Douglass, the noted African American abolitionist from Maryland both encouraged President Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and spent most of the Civil War raising "Colored" volunteer regiments to fight for the Union.

Did Lincoln fight in the US Civil War?

He was the President and Commander-In-Chief. He led the USA, he did not fight the war like a common soldier, or general.

What war did Andrew Johnson fight in?

No war. He was VP under Lincoln during the civil war.

Did Lincoln fight in the Civil War?


Did grant fight during or before the civil war?

both and he battled the bottle when he was president

Was William McKinley in the Spanish-American War?

NO. He was President of the US during this war, but did not fight in it. (He did fight in the Civil War. )

Why did Abraham Lincoln fight in the Civil War?

* * *

Who did Lincoln fight for in the civil war?

The Union.

When president Lincoln called for troops this caused Virginia to?

This caused Virginia to become a confederate state and fight with the south in the Civil war.

Did Abraham Lincoln actually participate and fight in the Civil war himself?

No. As President, his job was to direct war policy and appoint the Generals.

Did Abraham Lincoln fight Britain?

No, he was a president.

What side did Lincoln fight for in civil war?

Abraham Lincoln fought for the North in the Civil War.Lincoln was part of the Union. This is is the side located in the Northern U.S.

What did Lincoln hope and fight for in the Civil War?

The restoration of the Union.

In the civil war what did Lincoln hope and fight for?

an equal country and no slavery

What war did Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis fight in?

Civil War

Who was the first American president to fight for slavery?

abraham lincoln