What did William penn find in pennslyvania?

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Why did William Penn start pennslyvania?

William Penn wanted people to have religious freedom too so he started Pennslyvania.:)

Who founded pennslyvania?

William Penn.

What is the name of the settlement William Penn found?

William Penn founded Pennslyvania.

What colony did William Penn lead?


Who founded the colony of Pennslyvania?

William Penn

Who founded the colony of pennslyvania as a refuge?

William penn

Why did king Charles give Pennslyvania to William Penn?

he owed William Penn a great deal of money

Did William penn invent something?

He was the founder of the province of Pennslyvania

Who Led the Quakers to pennslyvania?

William Penn (the first owner of Pennsylvania)

Who Founded the colony of Pennslyvania as a refuge for himself and fellow Quakers?

William penn

What is the origin of the name of Pennslyvania?

William Penn- foundersylvania means woods or forest

Who established the postal service?

William Penn established the very first postal office in Pennslyvania

How did the Middle Colonies change in the 1600s and 1700s?

New colonies were formedNew Jersey was split off of New YorkPennslyvania was created by PennPennslyvania was a peaceful place for people of all religionsDelaware was included in the charter of Pennslyvania created by Penn

When was pennslyvania founded?

Pennsylvania was founded in 1682 by a man who goes by the name of William Penn. The colony gets its name by this man. Thus the name being Pennsylvania.

Who was the first governor of Delaware?

William Penn.William Penn.William Penn.a

Did Benjamin Franklin find philadelphia?

it was William Penn

When did William Penn find the middle colonies?


What did William Penn do for a living?

William penn was cool

When did William Penn remarry?

When did William Penn remarry

How did William Penn help the people in Delaware?

William penn/how did he become a leader William penn/how did he become a leader

Who were William penn's sons names?

Sir William Penn > William Penn > John, Thomas, and Richard Penn

What was William penn and his parents relationship?

William Penn had a bad relationship with both Admiral Sir William Penn and Margaret Jasper Penn because they neglected him tremendously.

Who founded penn?

William Penn

Did a group of dutch people find Delaware?

no,william penn did but he was a dutch

What colonies did William Penn find?

He established Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia.