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Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was an award-winning author, a politician who was twice prime minister, and an army officer who fought in India and in World War I.

Timeline of Churchill's life:

1895 Churchill is commissioned into the 4th Hussars.

1896 As a young cavalry officer Churchill is posted to India

1897 Winston becomes involved with the Malakand Field force fighting local tribesmen on the North west frontier

1898 Churchill takes part in a regimental cavalry charge with the 21st Lancers in the Sudan

1899 visits South Africa as a journalist covering the Boer War. Here captured but escapes. Commissioned into the South African Light Horse.

1900 Upon his return to Britain he is elected to parliament as a Conservative MP

1904 Leaves the Conservatives to join the Liberals

1905 Winston becomes Under Secretary of State for the Colonies

1908 Churchill is becomes President of the Board of Trade.

1911 Churchill is becomes the First Lord of the Admiralty for the first time

1915 Winston resigns from the Cabinet and rejoins the army

1916 Churchill leads the men of the 6th Battalion Royal Scots fusiliers in the trenches of France. Later resumes his political career

1917 Churchill becomes as Minister for Munitions

1919 Winston becomes Secretary of State for War and Air

1921 Churchill becomes Colonial Secretary

1924Is reelected to parliament as a conservative and is made the Chancellor of the Exchequer

1939 Britain declares war on Germany - and reinstalls Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty

1940 He becomes Prime Minister Prime Minister leading Britain through the times of Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the Blitz

1942 Churchill meets with Stalin and Roosevelt, approving the policy of saturation bombing of German cities.

1945 After Victory in Europe Churchill's government looses in the general election.

1946 Churchill gives his "Iron Curtain" speech in Missouri

1951 Winston Churchill becomes Prime minister again

1953 Churchill wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

1955 Winston resigns as Prime Minister

1964 Churchill leaves the House of Commons

1965 24th January - Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill dies in London

Winston had 1 son and 5 girls

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Q: What did Winston Churchill do?
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