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pain and suffuring

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Q: What did World war 2 soldiers go through?
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What did the Australian soldiers go through in World War 1?

Wouldnt have a clue from hunter

Where is the info for world war soldiers?

well if you go on goole and type in info on world war soldiers you should get an answer

What did the soldiers go in to world war 2?


Where did Canadian soldiers go to fight in World War 1?

The Canadian soldiers went to your under pants to fight.

In World War I where did they go to?

Your question needs to say who "they" refers to. Soldiers? Civilians? Who?

What are trenches in World War I?

Trenches are an underground hideaway where the soldiers go if they are injured

Can sons of GI bill soldiers World War 2 go to college?


Where can you find out about the soldiers who fought in World War 2?

== == Go to your local Public Library, and ask the librarian for books about World War Two.

Where did soldiers go to go to the bathroom in the trenches durning World War 1?

where they were standing that is why there was so much disease

Is Japan flat?

no japan is rather hilly. in the war the soldiers had to go through all the hills and flush them out.

On what basis did soldiers go on leave in World War 1?

if they had severe wounds if they had severe wounds

When were the soldiers going home in world war 1?

Soldiers went home if they were injured. Other times they would go home for a break.

Do people miss other people in World War 1?

It is quite common that when soldiers go off to war, their families miss them.

Did farmers have to go to fight in world war 1?

Yes They Would Due To Lack Of Soldiers In WW1

What changes occurred in the past few decades prior to world war 1 that led to soldiers of all nations wanting to go to war?

All soldiers did not want to go to war. Nor is it likely that any event could cause them all to wish it so.

Why did NZ go to world war 1?

nz went to war because they were a part of the united kingdom and so were obliged to send soldiers.

Why did soldiers go to war in World War II?

A variety of reasons: patriotism, they were drafted, they wanted to be with their friends so they joined up as well.

How did the soldiers feel about being in Vietnam?

They all felt scared that they were not going to go home and make it through the Vietnam War

What did Germany go through at the end of world war 1?

A tunnel

What did captured Nazis have to go through after World War 2?


Did the soldiers in the civil war go to school?


Do soldiers choose to go to war with Afghanistan?


Was it dangerous for soldiers to go 'over the top' in World War 1?

Thats a bit of a silly question seeing as 99% of the time the soldiers died

What is the old World War 1 film about British special ops soldiers who don't want to go home after the war and become roving bandits?


What did soldiers experience in World War 1?

a soldire woul have to go through missing his family and trying to not get kill some got shell shock and some just died from that it was not a nice thg to do when your about 17