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What did a blacksmith make in medieval times?

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Blacksmiths made armory and repairs for the armies. They made and sold weapons and horse shoes. The Blacksmith did anything that involved working iron to a desired shape and hardness. These included swords, horse shoes, armor for solders, keys, locks, shields, daggers, lances, arrow heads, tools, nails, doors, portcullis, chains, instruments, knives, ornaments, decorative objects, and jewelry.

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they work on things to make and make stuff out of metal.

no, a armourer was not the same thing as a blacksmith

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A blacksmith, in medieval times, ancient times and even today, is a person who makes or repairs things made of iron. These could be swords, pots, horseshoes, plows, fences, or other items. A common work for a blacksmith was to forms horseshoes and put them on a horse in need of them.

Yes, blacksmithing is a skilled job and they would be among the most valued workers in medieval times.

blacksmith,painter,tailer,doctor,banker etc.

blacksmith cobbler silver/goldsmith baker cooper

The role of the medieval blacksmith, like that of blacksmiths before and after the middle ages, was to work iron and make iron products such as horseshoes, tools bars, gates and many other products.

Blacksmiths would have eaten the same food common to most villagers in medieval times.

In medieval times the blacksmith worked at the place where the product was needed. They would not generally make something in one town for sale in another town. They would make it in the town where they would sell it. If you brought your horse to the blacksmith's shop for a horseshoe, he would make it and put it on your horse.

By horse or foot. :>

medieval artisans are makers of fine crafts, such as a blacksmith or a carpenter.

A person who kills small animals ( hare, muskrat, mink, and others) for their fur to make or line clothing. A farrier was a blacksmith or someone who shod horses.

He lived in The Blacksmiths forge

A blacksmith could have been a serf who had a specialized skill. Or a blacksmith could be an independent craftsman, and so of the middle class.

Silver and Steel BlackSmith

Craftspeople in the medieval times were important to their communities. They milled crops, built houses, they made metal works and blacksmith, shoemaking, weaving, candle making and made pottery and baskets. These all were trades mastered by the craftsmen. .

eg: blacksmith, farmer, ale-maker

I guess you could call a "silversmith" as a similar profession except he worked with silver and not heavy metals.

Blacksmiths usually married the daughters of serfs, tenant farmers, yeomen, merchants who were not wealthy, or other craftsmen. T

They make weapons by the help of the blacksmith......Blacksmith uses iron to make metal and then from metal they make the swords that is a weapon. The other is the arrow They use oak and ash and yew they stick a feather at the end for the balance of the arrow when it's in the air. Well that's the only weapons I know and what they're made of >.< I'm sorry But these are the only ones i know >_< TT n TT

Saint Baldomar was a blacksmith who became a monk and is the patron saint of all blacksmiths. then there is Wayland, a blacksmith with supposed supernatural powers. Those are the only ones i know...