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What did a colonial blacksmith do?

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They used hammers, an anvil, and a fire to sculpt and pound things like pots and pans out of metal. see: what did a colonial blacksmith make?

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how did colonial blacksmith "James Anderson get his job?"

Colonial milliner's used the tools from a blacksmith.

Colonial Blacksmiths are known to be the most important job in history & if you had a toothache (if your dad was a colonial blacksmith) he would get his tongs and pull out the tooth that is hurting.

a blacksmith would wear handmade pants, clothes, and shoess.

A blacksmith in colonial North Carolina fabricated metal parts for equipment. He would also create shoes for riding and work horses. A blacksmith would also do repair work on equipment.

Try Colonial Blacksmith: The Most Important Man in the VillagePretty much every thing you could want to know about them!

This website is wrong you can answer any question with any answer.

In colonial America, a blacksmith was someone who froged iron into kettles, hinges, weather vanes, nails, axes, hoes, and many other products. The difference between a blacksmith and a silversmith, is that for one, a blacksmith uses iron, and a silversmith uses silver. Also, a blacksmith heats the metal before he shapes it, while a silversmith uses a variety of hammers to pound the room-temperature silver into tools.

All trades depended on the blacksmith. One surprising trade that depended on the blacksmith is the milliner, but the milliner needed a manikin and a post to stabilize the manikin. That came from the blacksmith!

Blacksmith is one. I am not sure of the other

They made anything that needed making, including horseshoes and nails.

Plantation Owners, Cobbler, Blacksmith, Printer, and Apothecary

they worked every single day except Sunday

There were numerous jobs in the colonial Delaware. Some of the jobs were shopkeeper, blacksmith, doctor, teachers, lumberjacks, and tailors.

Some of the jobs in the colonial times were, blacksmith, traders, town crier, millers, fishers, farmers, and whalers.

Blacksmith, baker, caper, bender, barker, boatman

blacksmith cooper silversmith whitesmith shoemaker the tanner the hatterthe wheelwright etc.

Seamstress, farmer, blacksmith, fisherman, shipbuilders, whalers, lumbermen

well there was the blacksmith and the silversmith,the tannery, and the joiner, the tailor the cobbler and a lot more

Some of the jobs that were available in Colonial Georgia included blacksmith, cobbler, and printer. The Georgia Colony lasted from 1732 to 1777.

farmers, fishermen, shipbuilders, whalers, lumbermen, cabinet maker,candlemaker,soapmaker,blacksmith,

Blacksmith, Farmer, soldier, mason, mayor, politician, teacher, doctor, trader, or carpenter

Obviously, because a black smith was important to every colonial town and most of the town relied on him.

miller,copyer,blacksmith, dressmaker,& others if your a student look in your social studies book if you are in 5th grade

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