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Colonlial Delaware was a cool place with colonists and native Americans.

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What are the towns in colonial Delaware?

Colonial Delaware had only one major city or town and that was the town of Wilmington. Wilmington was greatly established by Swedish immigrants in the Delaware Colony.

What did colonial Connecticut town look like?

it pretty much look like today but with more trees and farm land.

How did Colonial Jamestown look like long ago?

a small town with a triangular fort or barrier around it

What types of homes did the people in the colonial time period live in and what did they look like?

Common town or in Huts

Where can you find pictures of colonial Delaware?

That's pretty hard considering there were no cameras at that time. And there were few artists and few printing presses. Your best bet would be to look in history text books for engravings of that time period. If you can use something similar, as in re-creation type photos, look up Colonial Williamsburg, where they have restored many parts of the town to match the colonial time period.

Who said a town is like a colonial animal?

John Steineck

What are the similarities of a colonial city and colonial town?

they both have the word colonial

Who is the mayor of Delaware?

That would depend on which city or town in Delaware remains to be identified.

What are 3 examples of similes used in the pearl?

a town is a thing like a colonial animal

What is something about Delaware that starts with E?

· Elsmere is a town in New Castle County, Delaware

Where in Delaware is the town of Delmar located?

Delmar is a town located in Sussex County, Delaware, United States. As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 1,407 and total housing units.

What was the name of the first town in Delaware?


Facts about Dover Delaware?

Dover is a town located in delaware iut is also the state capitol

What does plenum for 2000 Lincoln town look like?

It looks like this

Is their a town starting with T?

Troy is a town in Waldo County, Maine. Townsend is a town in New Castle County, Delaware.

What kinds of buildings might be in a colonial town?


What was the first town of colonial Pennsylvania?


What was Georgia's major colonial town?


Where were colonial town meetings held?

In churches

What town are you in when you cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge?

pennsville Nj

What town was founded in 1772 as a mission to the Delaware Indians?


What is the smallest town in Delaware by population?

Hartly, population of 74

Why did each colonial town have a green?

All colonial towns had a green to be used as a gathering place.

What is a town colonial town common?

an open space where sheep and cattle could graze

What town is called a green country town?

William Penn planned colonial Philadelphia to be 'a green, country town'.