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What did all river valleys have in common?


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how did the system of roads influence the development of ancient Greece

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they were all sacred rivers where there was a community

They were in fertile, well watered river valleys.

River valleys are formed by stream erosion.

Both lived in river valleys before 2000 BC.

The valleys gave an assured source of abundant food and water.

Deserts were not a major economic feature of river valleys. People living in the river valleys relied heavily on agriculture.

River Valleys are generally used to transport goods to and from destinations.

why are river valleys the cradles in ancient civilization

Early civilizations developed near any river valleys. The most common river valleys was the Nile RIver of Egypt, Tigris and Euphrates river in the fertile crescent and the yellow river/Huang he river in china. the reason for the settlement near the river valleys was the fertile land. Nomads did not have to move around for food and home. THey learned to grow crops and domesticate animals. River valleys gave nomads a place to stay and develop towns and villages which led to societies and a civilization.

Tigris and nile and indus river valleys

A very deep one is called a canyon or a gorge, but they are all referred to as river valleys.

Yes, the river valleys of the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers converge in Bangladesh

Glaciers may fill entire valleys, but rivers do not.

Except for the river valleys, all of it.

5000 B.C. is when the first civilizations emerged in river valleys.

Out of river valleys, rain forests, mountains, tundras, the answer is river valleys.

Farming and fishing mainly because of the river valleys and the rich soil the river valleys bring.

River valleys, U, Glacier Valleys, V.

Yes including the Hudson and Mohawk river valleys.

The river valleys provide fertile soil for planting and growing crops. Also, the weather is less extreme in the river valleys in Southern Asia.

the yellow river & the yantge river

they settle in river valleys to grow crops and build cities

I looked over the river valleys an saw my boyfriend. He looked ugly so i broke up with him.

A river valley forms from a river from the river going into a valley

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