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ancient Egypt has alot of very interesting things about there religion.but the people believed that there gods where part animal!!!and that when they die they will bome back and enter the spiritual world that's why they kept there bodies in tombs and in jars.but soon did they come to notice that there going to hell and theres only one god!!!but there main god was ra they think that he the son of the big god.i know it doesnt make alot of sence but its very interesting ain't it.well that my answer 4 u hope it helped.

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Q: What did ancient Egypt know about their gods?
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Who is the queen of the gods in Ancient Egypt?

Isis, she was the queen of the gods. She was also one of the oldest gods or goddesses in ancient Egypt.

How many gods where there in Egypt?

There were as many as 2000 gods and goddesses ancient Egypt.

What are facts about gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt?

there are 114 goddesses in ancient Egypt

Does Egypt and Greece have gods?

Yes ancient Greece and ancient Egypt have gods and goddesses. They also have modern religion of Islam and Christianity.

How were phorachs viewed in ancient Egypt?

Pharohs were seen as living gods, in ancient Egypt.

When did ancient Egypt celebrate gods?

Throughout the Dynasties of Egypt many gods and goddesses were celebrated.

What are 3 important gods in ancient Egypt?

I only know 1 it is ray the god of the sun.

Did ancient Egypt go to church?

Naw they were u know whorshipin diff gods a nd what not

Who are all the gods and goddess of ancient Egypt?

There is no official list of Egyptian gods and goddesses, below are links that will help you know more.

How many goddess's were there in ancient Egypt?

There are 2000 gods/goddesses/deities of Ancient Egypt known today by name. There are many others that we don't know by name today.

What kindoms in ancient Egypt traded with the gods?

The ancient Egyptians did not "trade" with their gods and goddesses but worshiped them.

Why did they mummfiy animals in Ancient Egypt?

they mummified animals in Ancient Egypt to give them as offerings to the gods.

What were some of the main gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt?

1- What were some of the main gods and goddesses in egypt.

How many gods and goddesses did ancient egypt have?

The gods and goddesses of Egypt are many and have not been counted as of yet.

Who were the leaders in ancient Egypt?

The Gods, and the pharaohs

Why were pyramids built in ancient Egypt?

Some were used for the pharoahs (the gods or the children of gods), they were used to bury those pharoahs the leaders of ancient egypt.

How were the gods of ancient Greece different from the gods of ancient Egypt?

Different powers, names, and people that believed in them. :)

What is a three letter animal that lived in ancient egypt?

The cat was revered as a symbol of the gods in ancient Egypt.

How much gods does Egypt have?

Ancient Egypt has so many gods and goddesses they have yet to all be counted. Modern Egypt is mostly Islam.

How are Ancient India and Ancient Egypt different?

Ancient India believed of different gods plus ancient India has many more gods than Ancient Egypt. Also the ancient egyptians buried their pharaohs in a tomb and ancient india burned them.

How were pharaohs viewed in ancient egypt?

Pharoahs were viewed as gods or descendants from gods.

How many gods did ancient Egypt have?

there are about 200 or so gods in Egypt.The Ancient Egyptians had hundreds, if not thousands of different gods. Some that spring to mind however:-Osiris-Anubis-Mut-Isis-Horus-Set-Thoth-AmunAlso note that after a certain point, the Egyptians considered all of their Pharaohs gods, thus adding to the list.There was a great amount of gods in Egypt. There was a god for practically every action that happened. So, take what they did in that day, count it and that is the least amount of gods they had.ancient Egyptians worshipped thousands of gods and godesses. it is even said that many of them didnt even know the names of the gods. one of them is the sun god, Ra.I hope my answer can help!!There is 1,564 gods in Egypt.While some 1,500 gods and goddesses are known by name from ancient Egypt, many of them were not worshiped at any one time or in any one place.The number of gods and goddesses in ancient Egypt is currently uncounted.

How was ancient Egypt govenered?

Egypt was ruled by pharos. They believed that pharos were gods to.

Where did the Egypt goddess live in ancient Egypt?

up with the Egyptian gods, in the sky

Why do Egypt have ancient gods?

Egypt is one of the cradles of man-made civilization.