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What did ancient Greeks drink?

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They drunk Wine, Beer, Honey Mead. Wine was not allowed to be drunk at meal times. A Symposium was where men gathered together and sung, played music and drunk wine.
Water and wine.

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What drinks did ancient greek drink?

the ancient greeks loved to drink wine

What did the ancient Greeks drink from?


Did ancient Greeks drink beer?


What did the Ancient Greeks drink apart from wine?


Did ancient Greeks drink water while doing sport?

no they didn't

What did the ancient Greeks eat and drink on special occasions?

they got to eat a penis and boobs

What food the ancient Greeks eat and drink?

Chick-peas, goat meat, wine.

Were the Greeks ancient?

Yes, the Greeks were ancient.

What inventions made ancient Greeks life easier?

Surprising pottery made greeks life easier.Pottery let them eat,drink and make dinner

Did ancient Greeks have guns?

no that's why there Ancient Greeks

What did the Ancient Greeks use to execute people with when they did something wrong?

Socrates and others were made to drink poison.

Did the ancient Greeks create poetry?

Yes, ancient Greeks did.

What did the ancient Greeks draw with?

Did ancient Greeks drw for there communtion

Are Minoans ancient Greeks?

The Minoans were ancient pre-Greeks.

How much did the ancient Greeks drink?

The Ancient Greeks drank wine all day long! Some children and adults drank water but; this was risky as wells could be poisoned or have deadly diseases such as cholera and polio.

Did the ancient greeks speak English?

No, the ancient Greeks did not speak English.

What did the ancient Greeks chew?

A ancient Greeks used to chew Mastiche

Why did the ancient Greeks have the Olympics?

Ancient Greeks had the Olympics to honor Zeus.

What did Ancient Greeks eat for dinner?

they ate fish with cheeses and fruit to drink they would have watterd down wine

What did the Ancient Greeks eat and drink?

They ate mostly wheat, fish, grapes, olives, celery, and the animals they killed.

Who made running as an Olympic sport?

The Ancient Greeks The Ancient Greeks ancient geeks

What type of government did ancient Greeks live by?

the ancient Greeks had a democracy government

Where did the Ancient Greeks go to worship?

The Ancient Greeks went to worship at shrines

Why did the ancient Greeks invent maps?

yes the Ancient Greeks invent maps

Did the ancient Greeks have math?

Yes. in fact, the Ancient Greeks invented pi.