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they used metal for raw materials

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CookingHeatingGenerating electricityPlus its use in petrochemical industries as raw material.

Industries which use minerals as a raw material for production of goods are called mineral based industries.

See the Related Links for " Raw Material" to the bottom for the answer.Raw material is the set of items you would get together to use to assemble a finished producteg bricks cement sand stone water are classic examples of raw material to start building a house

Aluminium Ore is raw aluminum material but aluminum on it's own is not raw material

The raw material for aspirin comes from the bark of the white willow tree. The medicinal use was first discovered in 1763.

Underground or plants E.g oil = raw material from under ground coal = raw material from undergound... cotten = raw material form plants

The raw material for evolution is DNA.

yes, nickel is a raw material

The raw material of plastic is petroleum.

raw materials are what you start making from. example: the raw material of a paper factory can be wood, or lumber. the raw material of a blacksmith would be steel.

yup! it's a raw material

Wind is not considered as a material, so neither is it a raw material.

It is made from raw material because it is made from cotton

Raw Material just refers to a material that hasn't yet been processed or prepared.

how is the subastance glass extracted for use

Slaves possibly worked for blacksmiths in the southern US. There were blacksmiths all over the world who did not use slave labour.

Blacksmiths use these tools hammers of various kinds, fullers, flatters, chisels, tongs and the hardy.

Raw material is direct cost as without raw material no product can be produce and this value is also separately identifiable.

the raw material is cotten which is picked from the flowers

yes because you dont do anything to it, its a natural raw material

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