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Q: What did canadian women do after the war?
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How did Canadian women particitate in World War 1?


How World War 1 did not help to liberate Canadian women?

When the men came back from war women were fired from their jobs so that men returning from the war could find employment.

What did Canadian women do in World War 2?

they pooped their pants all day long!

What happened on January 1 1919 in Canada?

Canadian women were given the right to vote in elections. Some Canadian men were getting ready to die fighting in the Russian Civil war, and some Canadian men women and children were dying of the Spanish Flu.

When was Canadian Federation of University Women created?

Canadian Federation of University Women was created in 1919.

Are there any famous Canadian women?

There are lots of famous Canadian women. Chck out http// There are over 1200 women listed on this site. Chcek out lots of Canadian women from history on these pages too.

What new employment opportunities did Canadian women have after World War 2?

to gain more territory in the Pacific region.

When did the Canadian Army enter World War 1?

The Canadian army entered the war in 1914 The Canadian army entered the war in 1914

What is this Canadian voice of women for peace?

The Canadian Voice of Women for peace is an anti-nuclear organization that was formed in 1960.

When was Canadian War Museum created?

Canadian War Museum was created in 1880.

How did World War 2 affect Canadian women on the homefront?

With so many men going into the service, women were ecouraged to go to work in "war factories" where they learned completely new skills and got paid well, too.

Did Canadian women play a significant role overseas in the world wars?

First off, yes. Women have always played an important role in wars. In World War One, Canadian women were nurses that served in field hospitals in France and Belgium. A few were even killed by an occasional enemy shell, or poisonous gas. In World War Two, women were also nurses, but; because women had won the right to vote in 1917, they were also factory workers, airplane repairmen, and played other various vital roles in the war.

What has the author Gladys Munnings written?

Gladys Munnings has written: 'Women in the arts' -- subject(s): Biography, Canadian Women authors, Postage stamps, Women authors, Canadian, Women singers

What has the author D Anne Sanderson written?

D. Anne Sanderson has written: '\\' -- subject(s): Women alien labor, Portuguese Canadian women, Women domestics, Italian Canadian women

What percentage of the Canadian population was enrolled in the Armed Forces in the Second World War?

During World War II (1939-1945) approximately 41.15 percent of the entire Canadian population was enrolled in the Armed Forces. All of these men and women were volunteers that served during World War II.

When was Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery created?

Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery was created in 1942.

What has the author Catherine Ann Murphy written?

Catherine Ann Murphy has written: 'Women in the Canadian Military during World War II'

When was Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery created?

Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery was created in 1945-02.

Should women be equal partners with men in the Canadian military?

no because they are women

Can women join the Canadian Special Forces?


In what city was the Canadian War Museum?

The Canadian War Museum re-opened in a new building in Ottawa in 2005.

How can one person come in Canada if he marry with Canadian women?

can i will come in canada if i will be marry with canadian?

Were women in the Revolutionary War?

Women were not in the Revolutionary War.

How many Canadian soldiers died World War 2?

About 45,300. About 1,081,865 Canadian solders actually fought in the war.

What percentage of Canadian women has twitter account?

75 %