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What did democracy mean to the Founding Fathers?


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In the 18th century that word was normally understood in its original Greek sense of direct rule by the entire populace. The idea was that all the voters would meet regularly to make laws and debate issues. The founders recognized that that could not work in country as big as the U.S. so they established a republic which would still leave ulimate power in the hands of the people but permit efficiency of government. Michael Montagne

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What the founding fathers meant by republic is citizens having rights to elect those who represent them. The founding fathers are believed to have been against democracy.

They didn’t hate democracy. They created it.

Yes. Just look at the so-called "Founding Fathers".

Because the founding fathers wanted to create a better leadership for the new country after they gained independence, and the founding fathers also thought it would be better than the leadership they came from.

They were disgruntled with the unfairness they had experienced with England's monarchy.

They were organized like a democracy with artistic works of the founding fathers on the wall

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in constructing the government of the U.S. the founding fathers settled on a republic and representative democracy. first, define republic and what general rationales for having a republic?

I would ask Americas founding fathers, how they became Americas founding fathers? Also why did they sign the deceleration of independence? Lastly why do we have founding fathers?

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There were 74 delegates/founding fathers at the constitutional convention

Most of the founding fathers of the US where deists. not atheists.

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They wanted a government that was a democracy and it was because they knew what living under a king was like.

They had all ready lived under monarchy and knew that is what they didn't want.

You can't, and nobody should try, to presume what the founding fathers would've thought. Instead just understand that they would agree with your right to defend yourself and to have a say in your country.

I'm basing my answer on what I remember from a college course I took in American History: The founding fathers were a bit divided on how government in the new country should be. Some wanted a total democracy were every person's opinion was equally weighted, and some believed only educated men should govern our destiny. Over fears of a country "ruled by the mob", the founding fathers chose the later for the first true democracy ever on the face of the earth. The second democracy, France, chose democracy in its purest form (everyone ruled!) and suffered years of revolutionary turmoil as a result.

No. You have to consider what the meaning of "founding fathers" are. Founding something requires laying fundamental building blocks. All of our founding fathers were not white, because many different people are responsible for the development of The United States. An example would be Greece. They qualify as a founding father for The United States. They were the first culture to install democracy into their culture after winner battles Salamis and Marathon. Our country used their method of democracy to establish government. Another example of America's founding fahers were the slaves. Slaves were the main income for agriculture. Agriculture was the fundamental building to America's Industrial Revolution. Look into the history books of our country. The founding fathers are in the pages of books. You just have to look for them. The true founding fathers of this nation were just not men signing documentation, they have definded the world we see around us each and everyday. I hope that answers your question.

There aren't 4, but 55 founding fathers who signed the constitution.

What is meant by "the Founding Fathers were men of their time"

the founding fathers time period was the 1800s

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