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the king or Pharaoh told them to build what he/she wanted

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What did ancient Egyptian farmers do during the flood season?

They worked at construction jobs for the Pharaoh.

When did the nile river flood?

the Nile river flooded during harvest season in ancient Egypt.

When is the Nile River flood season?

The Nile River will overflow during any time between May and September.

What season does the Nile River flood?


What is the width of river benue in makurdi?

The Benue flows cover a width of 2 to 3km in the flood season and a lot less during the dry season.

Whick river did farmers of cahokia Illinois rely on?

Farmers of Cahokia, Illinois relied upon the Mississippi river for water. Because Cahokia is in the flood plain, the farmers greatly feared the river that they depended on.

What did the Pharaoh collect In ancient Egypt from the peasant farmers?

Their labour. During the flood season when the farmers could not work their land, he gave them employment and sustenance working on pyramids and other projects.

What did the farmers do when the nile river flooded?

When the Nile flooded, the farmers had already prepared their crops. When the river did flood, the farmers all worked for the Pharaoh, preparing his tomb or making monuments.

What is the flood season for the Nile River?

Between July and November

What are the seasons of the Nile river?

Akhet: The Flood Season, Shemu: The Harvest Season, Peret: The Growing Season.

What is a flood plan?

A floodplain is a flat region of land formed of river sediment and it is flooded during the rainy season each year.

What is very fertile land in Egypt?

The only fertile land in Egypt would be along the Nile river during flood season.

When and where are floods most likely occur?

during flood season in flood zones

Why was the annual flood of the Nile River important to Egyptian farmers?

Because it irrigated their crops.

Why did the Nile river bring new silt to the farmers every year during the annual flood?

Because the torrent of water would carry sediment, as does any flood, and this would be deposited when the Nile overflowed its banks.

The land that gets covered by water from a stream or river during a flood?

The flood plain

Flat plain formed by river deposits during time of flood?

flood plain

Why did Egypt build the Aswan High Dam on the River Nile?

So that they could hold back the Nile when it flooded during the season of the flood

Does the river ganges ever flood?

The Ganges River does flood. It floods during the summer monsoon when the rain falls down adding more water to the river. With too much water the river overflows causing a flood.

Who predicted when the Nile river would probably flood the farmers pharaohs Priestesses or astronomers?


How did living on the banks of the Nile help farmers?

Farmers on the River Nile benefitted from the river's annual flood. The flood irrigated and fertilized the land along the Nile, making it possible for them to grow and harvest crops.

Is flood plain the same as flood control?

no flood control would be stoping a flood a flood plainis land that is covered by water during a flood,formed from sediments depsited by a river

What happen to the Mississippi river during heavy rainfall?

The river would flood cities near the Mississippi River.

Why were pyramids so important to ancient Egyptians?

The Pharaoh used this as a form of relief work - they hired the farmers to build the pyramids during the flood season when they had no work on their farms and would otherwise be bereft of subsistence - a win-win arrangement: the Pharaoh got his tomb built and paid for it out of the state granaries, and the farmers got food during the off season.

Why was the Pharaoh so important to the farmers?

because he performed a ceramony for the sun to come up and for the River Nile to flood