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What did gas cost in 1963?


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Gas in 1963 cost about 30 cents per gallon


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A new house in 1963 cost an average of 12,650 dollars. A loaf of bread cost 22 cents, and a gallons of gas cost 29 cents.

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I worked a an all night cut rate gas station in western Washington state in the summer of 1963. We had a gas price war with the station across the way. I remember putting up the new price of .28.9.

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the cost of the lava lamps in 1963 was $10-$100

Bacon cost 29 cents per pound in 1963.

For the first six days of 1963 it cost 4 cents to mail a letter in the U.S. Beginning on 7 January 1963 it cost 5 cents.

Here in California it was .25 cents a gallon. I remember my friend had a VW and we would help her with gas by giving her our change from going to lunch at A and W.

Philippe Gas was born in 1963.

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A loaf of bread cost around 22 cents in 1963. Gas was 29 cents per gallon and a new car averaged $3,200. You could buy a new house for around $13,000 and an air conditioner for that house would cost around $150.

In 1963 the cost of food in the UK was much cheaper than it is today. A loaf of bread was 5p, tea and coffee cost 5p.

I read from the internet a that gallon of milk in 1963 cost 67 cents in any store.

between $0.179 and $0.249 depending on the grade, regular leaded, ethyl ( now mid grade) and high test or premium

In 1990 gas cost about $1.10 for one gallon of regular gas.

The average cost for a gallon of gas in 1982 was 91 cents. In 1981, a gallon of gas of about $1.25 and in 1985 the cost for a gallon of gas was $1.09.

A therm of natural gas sold to me for home use by Questar Gas cost 92 cents. The cost of a natural gas varies depending on what state you live in. Utah has the lowest cost of natural gas.

Gas cost about $1.60 in 2003

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