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highways or roads can help civilians get to places faster and in the old days roads encouraged trade

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Q: What did highways do for America and cities?
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Why aren't there major highways in the northern part of Canada?

Highways link cities - there are no major cities in the northern part of Canada

Is highways a collective noun or common noun?

The plural noun 'highways' is a common noun, a general word for main roads connecting towns and cities; a word for any highways anywhere.A collective noun is a noun used to group people or things in a descriptive way; for example a string of highways or a tangle of highways.

Which is the longest road in the world?

PAN AMERICA HIGHWAYS which is 24000 km

What do countries in south America use natural highways?

fish bones

What was true about cities in colonial America?

Cities in Colonial America were unhealthy and crowded.

What are the release dates for America Undercover - 1986 Drunk and Deadly A Day on America's Highways?

America Undercover - 1986 Drunk and Deadly A Day on America's Highways was released on: USA: 17 May 1987

Why is Indiana called the crossroads of america?

Because of the major interstate highways in indiana

Most dangerous cities in America?

Most dangerous cities in the united states of America

How many cities in America are named Christmas?

how many cities are there in the united states of America

How many cities in America are called hope?

Why have Canadians built their major highways east to west in the southern part of the country?

To connect principle cities.

What are Clusters of concentrated development on the perimeter highways of an urban area called?

That is deffinetly not the answer.. It's World Cities.

What is the best example of oceans serving as highways?

Shared cultural traditions between cities in different hemispheres

How are cities in north America different than cities in Europe?

All European cities are located in Europe. All American cities are located in North America.

What way does the system of highways run?

As a genral rule, highways with even numbers, run East to West while Highways with odd numbrs run from North to South. While there are a few diagonal highways that do not fit the rules, and by-pass roads around major cities that would confuse Henry the Navigator, the system seems to be fairly effective.

What links Germanys cities?

Germany's cities are most notably linked by a system of highways called the Autobahn. Of course, they are also connected by railways, airports and even canals.

Why is Indiana state motto crossroad of America?

There are several major highways that cross Indiana.

Which was not likely to be part of the transportation revolution on cities and suburbs in the late 1800s?

highways they had horse cars, omnibuses, and ferries

What American highway links all national highways in south America?

Pan American highway

Major cities of South America?

There are several major cities that are located in South America. A few of the largest cities are Santiago, Lima, and Rio de Janeiro.

What are 3 cities in South America?

Three cities in South America are: Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Lima.

Which capital cities in north America have more than 100km?

Which capital cities in north America have more than 100km?

Why there is no streetlights on highways?

Because the State does not have funding for street lights for highways that are connecting cities in California. If you look at pictures of I-10, Hwy 59 in Houston,Texas you will see how many street lights there are because Texas is a lot richer.

Is North America a city?

No - North America is a continent. There are no cities by the name of "North America".

Why are the concrete bridges and highways in North America deteriorating?

because salt water breaks down cement