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Q: What did it mean when people said the shot was heard around the world?
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What does shot heard around the world mean?

The "shot heard around the world" refers to soldiers killed at the battle of Lexington and Concord in Concord, Massachusetts, which preceded the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. Ralph Waldo Emerson chronicled this event as being "the shot heard around the world" in the opening stanza of his famous work, "Concord Hymn".

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mon monde (NB in French this can mean my people or the people around me)

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Are people listening to what you have to say.

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Getting them from behind

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Because then the world wouldn't be the world because the world has mean people in it but there are also nice people in the world so the mean people keep the world even.

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By 'they' I assume you mean people. Yes, millions of people around the world live in deserts, including the author of this answer.

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alot if you mean around a world teens,tweens and adults

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i think the meaning of that is without people earth would be just another planet, but with people its not and since its not it has its own time. When the world goes around its a day, and who says its a day, people. With out people the world wouldn't function on a day to day basis. Non of this would be because no one was around to invent it, no one was there to start it or finish it. We make the world what it is.