What did jesus mean when he said no one comes to the father except through you?

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his is not correct. Jesus said that no one comes to the father but through me.
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When Jesus said to go and multiply what did He mean?

I believe that he meant for a man and a women to get togather in marriage and reproduce a family. Answer I believe it was God who said that and not Jesus; Gen.1 . [ 22 ] And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply , and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply ( Full Answer )

What did Jesus mean when he said 'I am the light of the world?

Jesus Christ identifies Himself as follows: Jesus Christ is: . The Beginning . The way, the truth and the life. . The light of the world . The End (John 8:12) Again, therefore, Jesus spake to them, saying, `I am the light of the world; he who is following me shall not walk in the darkne ( Full Answer )

Are the Father and Jesus one?

One as in mission or purpose, YES. One as both being God, NO.. Jesus made it abundantly clear that He is one with the Father, not just in mission but in His very essence or person. 'I and the Father are one'. 'Before Abraham was 'I AM.' Jesus also forgave sin, something only God could do.

What does come to Jesus moment mean?

The phrase is based on the "concept" of the moment at which you decide to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, but it has a secular meaning. A "come to Jesus moment" refers to a dawning, epiphany or agreement following a disagreement. It refers to when the light blub comes on and you underst ( Full Answer )

What did Jesus mean when he said you are the good shepherd?

Jesus meant that He was the one you should follow. You should follow Him the way a shepherd's sheep follow him. If you follow Jesus like sheep follow a shepherd, you will be lead to the Holy Land. At the end of the world, it is said that there will be a whole bunch of fakes saying, "come with me! I ( Full Answer )

What does a coming to Jesus mean?

dieing Coming to Jesus would be being saved, accepting him by faith that he died and rose again and is alive so that we can live. Read the Bible for yourself and he will reveal himself to you.

What is the true meaning when Jesus said it is finish?

Answer The true meaning of course Jesus or John, who wrote the verse 19:30 has to give. We can assume some:. My life is finished, their erucifixion is finished, they finished me before I finish my work, the vinegar given to drink is finish or god's word is finished

If no one is good except God alone does this mean Jesus is not good?

First of all, His name is Yeshua not Jesus. Yeshua was named by Yahwei, God Almighty, as His Only Begotton Son. His name means God (Yah) is my salvation. Yeshua was God's seed put into a virgin woman (Myriam) uniting with one of her eggs thus creating the first and Only Begotton creature from Yahwei ( Full Answer )

Jesus said come as you are?

when jesus says come as you are ge means come as yourself and dont act like anyone else because he loves you

What did Jesus mean when he said he was a messiah?

The Hebrew word Messiah means "the anointed". In earlier times, kings were anointed to show that they were accepted as rightful kings of Judah; the practice was also followed when high priests were appointed. The Greek translation of Messiah is Christ . After the Babylonian Exile ended the J ( Full Answer )

How did God Jesus' father come to be where does he originate from?

Answer . He simply is ... . Answer: . That is a clinical kind of a question that can't be answered to the satisfaction of the carnal mind, because it's dealing with "spirit." . The natural, human, carnal mind can't understand "infinity." It can't fathom "forever." Our very existence is bound i ( Full Answer )

What did Jesus mean when he said 'do this in memory of me'?

Jesus knew his time on Earth was short, and the Holy Prophecy was at hand. Therefore, he gave his disciples the Holy Sacrament, symbolic of his body and his blood. It is a covenant for us to be "Christ-like". So when he says, "Do this in memory of me", he's telling them (and all of us) to be Christ- ( Full Answer )

Why do Catholics pray to saints when Jesus said the only way to the Father is through Him it never mentions in the Bible to pray to saints?

In reality, we do not so much as pray 'to' the saints as 'through' the saints. We ask them to join us in our prayers to God for a special intention. It is no different than asking a friend to pray for you or your intentions. The saints are part of the Mystical Body of Christ, as we also are if we ar ( Full Answer )

Why did Jesus come through a virgin?

God wanted to show that He is an Almighty God-- that He could perform all sorts of miracles. Note: Mary did not have any relationship with anyone

What did Jesus mean when he said I am are the bread of life?

He also said "Thou shalt not live by bread alone but by every word the proceedeth forth from the mouth of God". Christ is the bread of life in that His words will help save us in the kingdom of God. The bread that we eat as food is to help keep us alive while here on the earth

What did Jesus mean when he said that he and the disciples were not of this world?

Jesus came from Heaven, from above, and His disciples chose to follow him, knowing that they would suffer, but that they would have an eternal reward in Heaven, thus they wouldn't be of this world either. Another Thought Scripture says that those who are born again are a "new creation in Christ ( Full Answer )

Did Jesus say I and the father are one?

You can find the answer in the question itself. Son has all the characteristic of a father because if you sow a mango tree you will get mangoes only. similarly Jesus has always preached the message of father has a good son and wanted all of us to go back to our father. As jesus is a son we are also ( Full Answer )

What did Jesus mean when he said Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing?

Jesus knew what they would be facing face What you sow -you will reap. When you die, you are faced with yourself. If you deny the existence of the Source/Creator, you create a situation in a new life by incarnating into the hell you create. Jesus knowing what his tormentors had to face in order to ( Full Answer )

Christ said-- No one shall enter the kingdom of heaven except through me Aren't you worried that you're taking the wrong path?

No. Krishna and Buddha said similar things. Also, Ramakrishna had a spiritual experience of merging with Christ. He felt his oneness with Christ, Rama, and Krishna. How can we explain this? There are three possible explanations: • These great teachers at times felt totally identified with the o ( Full Answer )

What did Jesus mean when he said no man cometh unto the Father but by him?

It means that communications, prayers and supplications directed to the Father will only be heard by those whose faith and trust is in His Son. Those whom Jesus knows, personally... whom His Father has given to Him... and whom Jesus acknowledges to His Father that HE KNOWS THEM [Matt.7:23]. "Whos ( Full Answer )

What did Jesus mean when he said you are the light of the world?

Jesus did't say ' us ', he said 'I' am the light of the world. He meant he is the truth and no one can get to the father ('father' being in the holy trinity) but through him. ___ He did say that, but it also says in Matthew 5:14 "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill can ( Full Answer )

What did Jesus mean when he said I tell you the truth some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God come with power?

This is to be found in Mark 9:1, where it foreshadows Mark chapter 13. The reference is intended to be an introduction to the fuller statement in chapter 13, because the two statements are paired in Mark 's chiastic structure. In Mark 9:1, Jesus briefly tells the disciples that some of them see the ( Full Answer )

What chapter in the Bible tells what Jesus said about the second coming?

The earliest mention of Jesus talking about his second coming is in Mark 9:1: " And he said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That there be some of them that stand here, which shall not taste of death, till they have seen the kingdom of God come with power ." Mark chapter 13 provides a fuller pro ( Full Answer )

What did jesus mean when he said 'i am the resurrection and the life?

Jesus said this to Martha whose brother Lazarus was dead. Martha believed that at his prayer God would give any thing, (Joh 11:22) but he was telling her that by his word he could work anything. Martha believed in a resurrection at the last day (Joh 11:24) Christ tells her that he had that powe ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when jesus said come and see?

The only time that it is recorded that Jesus said this, is in response to a question from two of his disciples as to where he was staying, and his answer is to your question too: Master,) where dwellest thou? He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where he dwelt, and abode with hi ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when Jesus said you are a jealous god?

God himself says that he is a jealous God, as he says in Exodus 34.14. For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name [is] Jealous, [is] a jealous God: Song of Solomon 8.6 says that jealosy is as cruel as the grave.

What did Jesus mean when he said he was the king of the Jews?

Being King of the Jews has a spiritual connotation that's higher than simply being the King of the Israelis. Jews are Jews by choice: by faith and obedience to God's word they are adherents. An Israeli is an Israeli by birth: a citizen. There's no choice involved. He meant He was a descendant of Kin ( Full Answer )

How many times Jesus said Father?

In my opinion, ENOUGH TIMES, for anyone with a shred of logic to know that 'Son' and 'Father' cannot be 1+1 =1 . Jesus called out with a loud voice, " Father , into your hands I commit my spirit." When he had said this, he breathed his last [Luke 24:36]. . If 1+1 =1 then Jesus will be calling on ( Full Answer )

Why is it said that St. Joseph was Jesus' adoptive father?

According to Christian belief, God was the father of Jesus. That is why Jesus is referred to as the "Son of God." Thus, he is not the son of St. Joseph, who kindly accepted God's plan and understood that his wife Mary would become pregnant miraculously. While they did not have adoption back then, ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when one is said to be a narcissist?

When it is said that someone is a narcissist, it means that they are overly self involved, and selfish. A narcissistic personality trait is when one receives erotic gratification from self appearance.

How does one prove that Jesus said he is God?

Answer: The only source to answer the question comes from the New Testament. We can not "prove" anything in this matter. It is a matter of faith in the Bible and whether or not it is credible. There is Scriptural data for Christ's claim to divinity: *The early creedal formula "Jesus is Lord [ k ( Full Answer )

What did Jesus mean when he said his time is not come yet but your time is always ready?

John 7:1-9 The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles was at hand in Jerusalem and Jesus' unbelieving brothers asked Him why are you waiting around, go to the feast. Jesus answered them saying "My time has not come yet." In other words Jesus was completely dependant on the Father's direction and the Father had ( Full Answer )