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John Wilkes Booth was a colonel in the Confederate secret service. He maintained his status as an actor to create a cover for his actions. He served under General Stonewall Jackson. Booth is credited with the confiscation of needed medical supplies from the North and successfully delivering wagon loads of foodstuffs and clothing into the hands of the South. He also supplied secret information from the North to General Jackson. It was Booth that found Jefferson Davis' badly injured son (Finis) on the battle field and saw to it that he received medical attention. After General Jackson was murdered, it was Booth that solved the crime and took the assailant's life.

On May 2, 1863, Booth was given a $100,000 and the assignment to kill or capture Lincoln. Booth thought that after killing Lincoln, he would be treated as a hero. But, he wasn't. If and when the truth comes out about Lincoln, he may yet get his wish.

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Booth spent much of the day of April 14 at the bridge under arrest for trying to cross into Washington without proper identification. Even though he was considered a suspicious person by the guards, the supervisor allowed him to cross into Washington.

Later that night he assassinated Abraham Lincoln. Booth returned to the Navy Yard Bridge. He was able to cross the bridge this time without a problem because he knew the password given to him by Andrew Johnson: "TB Road".

Another man, the owner of the stable where Booth's horse was rented, tried to cross the bridge. He told the guard he was after the horse thief that just past over the bridge. This man did not know the password and was not allowed to cross.

Fifteen minutes later, all the guards were removed.

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Q: What did john Wilkes booth do at the navy yard bridge?
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Where did John Wilkes Booth go before he went to Fords theatre?

Booth went into Maryland to inform a group of people planning to kidnap Lincoln that Lincoln would be attending Ford's Theatre that night. On his return he was arrested at the Navy Yard Bridge and spent the rest of the day in prison.

What happend to Jhon Wilkes Booth?

John Wilkes Booth shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln while Lincoln was attending a play at Ford's Theater, in Washington, D.C. Booth then fled on horseback across the Navy Yard bridge, into Maryland (Charles County) where he had a broken leg set by Dr. Samuel Mudd. Booth later was cornered in a barn on a Virginia farm owned by a man named Garrett and when the barn was set on fire, Booth was shot by Union soldier Boston Corbett, who later went insane. Eight other co-conspirators of Booth's were later hanged/imprisoned.

Who is Booth's brother in Bones?

Jared Booth he was in the navy or marines

Did John Wilkes Booth plan his escape carefully?

He did! I believe he got away with the crime and went on to live a long life (a minority opinion). The plot to kidnap Lincoln on the 14th fell apart that afternoon. At about 5pm, Booth was talked into killing Lincoln. Booth did not die at the Garrett farm and Booth's life long friend, John Stevenson, tells what happened. People were ready and in place to help with the kidnapping of Lincoln. Booth had planned that Captain Scott and his ship would take Lincoln away. Now, Booth intended to use that ship for his escape. After killing Lincoln and crossing the Navy Yard Bridge, he galloped toward the ship. His horse tripped and fell in the darkness of night. Booth's horse rolled over on its side with Booth in the saddle. He broke his leg and hurt his back. His plans changed. Booth decided to get treatment for his leg and back. He headed to Dr. Mudd's farm. Dr. Mudd was part of the 'doctors line' helping escaped, hurt, and wounded Confederate soldiers get back to the south. After leaving Dr. Mudd's farm, Booth headed for his farm that was about fifty miles away in the Shenandoah Valley. There Booth's wife would care for him. This was not his plan at the beginning because it could be putting Izola in jeopardy as a co-conspirator in Lincoln's assassination.

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