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What did juan ponce de leon want to find?

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Ponce De Leon was convinced that a "fountain of youth" existed, and that it was in Florida. Since he was afraid of getting old and dying, he very much wanted to find it.

Alas, there is no fountain of youth.

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Juan Ponce de Leon was the first Spanish Explorer to land in Florida. He wanted to find the Fountain of Youth.

He was primarily in search of gold.

Oh, yes and gold plus power. They all did. He and Columbus were rivals and De Leon got a governorship that Columbus thought he deserved.

because he wanted to find the Fountain of Youth, gold and land for the Spanish. He heard stories that if you drink the water from the Fountain, You'll stay young forever

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Because we want to know. ponce de leon

Bimini for the Fountain of Youth

Because he seeked fam & fourtune because he was born pennieless

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Juan Ponce de Leon did not have any point-black failures because he is a beast and was so amazing that he has a long list of accomplishments and strengths but one will never be able to find at least 5 things that ponce de leon failed at. Furthermore you can say that Ponce deLeon failed at being a good man because through his amazing accomplishments he ruined the chances of another man being recognized for anything in their lives (because he did it first). I dare you to research and come up with 5 failures because I myself have been trying to find the answer to this very question for the past 3 hours. all i want to do is sleep. dear jesus i swear ponce de leon will remain a beast and will never be smeared in his good name. i hope you find my answer to be fitting and i assure you that after you spend quality time researching this topic you will agree with actual failures include (not finding the fountain of youth, being stripped from governor due to political disputes, and never being able to establish a colony in florida) i dare you to find more because i give up on life. thankyou and have a good day.-Anonymous aka a very angry 10th grade girl

Juan De Onate was in search of treasure especially the legendary silver treasure in Quivira.

Most crews on ships were a hard lot. Many were out of jail or leaving for a reason. A man had to be hard to want to get on a small ship and not know where he was going.

He wanted to find the fountain of youth because the taino natives at Puerto Rico wanted to get rid of him and talk to him about this marvelous fountain of youth to lure him out from PR. He was getting old and feeling young again sounded like an excellent idea, better than just finding gold.

To the new world to find the seven cities of gold.

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