What did kids do in the 1800s for fun?

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Some people would play baseball, football, or board games back in the 1800s.

Kids usually go swimming, exploring, and playing hooky. Read 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' by Mark Twain. It'll give you a better perspective of the world the kids in the 1800s lived in.

Kids used to go fishing, roll hoops, and ride bicycles back then.

Earliest known reference of Baseball from England is in a 1744 publication, A Little Pretty Pocket-Book by John Newberry. It contains a wood-cut illustration of boys playing "baseball" (showing a similar set-up to the modern game) and a rhymed description of the game. Also, a British letter dating from 1748 by Lady Hervey describes how the then Prince of Wales (was he a kid at the time?) diverted his time playing baseball. The English author Jane Austen specifically mentions the game of baseball in her novel, Northanger Abbey, being played by the protagonist, Catherine Moreland.   The English lawyer William Bray recorded a game of baseball (between kids?) on Easter Monday 1755 in Guilford, Surrey, England; Bray's diary was verified authentic in September 2008.
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What did Australian children do for fun in the early 1800s?

in the early 1800's the children of Australia did a lot of thingsoutdoors for fun. Some of the things were swimming, exploring andplaying sports such as baseball and football. Board games was alsoanother fun thing to entertain a child during this time.

What jobs did kids have in the 1800's?

A LOT were helping with the father's business, and a huge % werefarmers - plenty of work! Ben Franklin was indentured to his olderbrother at 12, and signed a contract to work for room and board(housing and food) until age 21, and the brother had to teach Beneverything about printing. Even into the 1 ( Full Answer )

What did children do for fun in the 1800's?

Young children played games such as tag, hide and seek, hopscotch, wrestling and foot racing, blind man's bluff and fox and geese. Slightly older children would have played games like checkers, marbles, pick up sticks and drawing on a slate. Ball games were also extremely popular with boys, but girl ( Full Answer )

What did kids do for fun in the 1700s?

-They played with dolls -They sang -They told stories - They play with each other -They made toys out of things around the house

How do kids have fun?

Talking with eachother, riding bikes, playing board or computer games, riding bikes, playing at the park, watching movies, playing on the internet, playing some kind of video game device, some enjoy reading, making a crafty thing,Lots of stuff

Why is exercise fun for kids?

Because there is a lot of types of exercise like gymnastics, figure skating, roller blading .jump roping, or soccer. wow Zach

What website has fun kid quizzes?

\nWell I always make my own quizzes on quizyourfriends.com because then you can send it to all your friends and then they have to figure out the answers. Then your friends can make one and send it to you and then you figure out the questions! It's really fun you should try it!\n. \nFrom: Lms1211\n. ( Full Answer )

What are fun kids games?

well you might start with hid/ingo/seek or tage mabe you showd read or thing of a good game

What could kids do for fun in 1960?

Kids could do lots of things for fun in 1960. They could playoutside, play various sports such as baseball and go bowling or goto the movies.

How will you have fun with the kids?

to all the adults having trouble with kids ... 1. Take them to a store that they like buy them 3 toys or things that the like BUT under $50.REMEMBER NOT CLOTHES unless they like it. 2.Take them to the movies IF they want it 3.they will be tired from a tiring day ... so they will go to sleep so you c ( Full Answer )

What do chilean kids do for fun?

they play lots of games, like soccer, and they go to school from about 830 to 400, so they don't have much free time

What are some fun games for kids?

Throw sharp objects ( knife, ninja stars, bats, cars, motorcycles, computes, ur other children) at your child to test their reflexes. If they fail, bad things will occur Games vary by age for children. Kids from three to six years old can play everything from the Leap Frog educational games to boar ( Full Answer )

Why should kids have fun and freedom?

They should be allowed to have the freedom to have fun within certain confines. Dangerous things (burns, broken limbs etc) are part of the responsibility of parents to mitigate: children need to have room to learn and grow. A child's brain automatically knows what it needs to build the wiring for it ( Full Answer )

What did kids do for fun in New France?

in the winter children would ride down hills on wooden sleds and inthe summer they would float peices down streams and climb trees.Crap

What did kids do for fun in the 1800s?

they played video games on their Xbox 360 and watched their 37" flatscreen tv's all day. They drove all around the highly populated town and ate tv dinners until they went to sleep.

Why do kids make fun of smaller kids?

Children are born with large egos (since caring only about yourself is a necessary survival technique), and have to be taught to have empathy for others. As they get older, they tend to "go along with the crowd" when it comes to bullying and making fun of others, since they feel if they are part of ( Full Answer )

What did kids do for fun in the 80s?

Children in the USA in the 1980's may have watched MTV, played with skateboards, and played with dolls or basketballs. Michael Jackson was big at that time so dancing like him, wearing buttons with with different pictures of him was also somewhat popular. Also video games. Kids in the 80s played D ( Full Answer )

What are some fun sports for kids?

Wheather your a girl or a boy volley ball is always a fun sport to try. it isn't a very contact sport so it is perfect for beginning athletes. But, if you are a kid who has played sports for a while, basketball is always funt to try. It is more of a contact sport and is a little bit of a challenge. ( Full Answer )

A fun experiment for kids?

im as kid, 10years old. i would enjoy some thing to do aith explosions, sports or stuff

What are fun things kids can do in Australia?

Children in Australia do the same sorts of activities for fun as children around the world. many are very much engaged in a variety of sports; others enjoy boating and fishing; bikes and skateboarding are popular; some just watch television or play on e computer, or with other indoor toys.

What do kids in china do for fun?

Kids in China are like kids anywhere. During their free time they will play games with their friends, play with brothers and sisters. If they are outdoors, they may go to the park, playgrounds, or fields to play sports. If they are indoors they may watch tv, movies, or play video games. It all depen ( Full Answer )

What is a fun horse site for kids?

There is one that i know of.And it is called Bella sara.Bella sara is a site where you can adopt a horse.Name it.Then once you do so you can brush it feed it and all this other fun and cool stuff.I highly recommend it for kids.

Is Paris fun for kids?

Probally not the best place for kids. If you mean by kids 11 and up they will probally be fine, unless they arent responsible or immature. Mostly girls are more mature, and accept the beauty of Paris.

How can you make school fun for kids?

Party hats! A2: Tru dat! ^^^^^^^ Give me a party hat and I'll have a blast for the next half an hour (I'm 15, imaigne what it could do with 8 year olds?). Use computers and technology as much as possible. Give them blocks to just play dodgeball or whatever they want to (they'll hate you if you ( Full Answer )

What are fun things to do at parties for kids?

You can play hang the donut on the clothes line and try and eat it with out hands. You can play pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel. You can play bob the apple. You can play chasey. You can play what's the time mr wolf. You can play the chocolate game (see how to play the choc ( Full Answer )

What are fun things to do at night for kids?

You can always have pillow fights, watch a wacky movie, make a fun arts and crafts projects, or maybe even try to make your very own smoothies! Try to be creative with the kid.

What kids do for fun and Brazil?

they do some of the same stuff as us. EX: tag hide and seek most of the fun stuff that we do out side.

What do kids in Taiwan do for fun?

kids in Taiwan don't have much outdoors activites (in comparison to that of in western countries). they usually play video games, online games etc

What is a fun kid site?

I am a fan of avatar sites, so here are some sites you can accually EXPLORE! . Pixie Hollow (good for pre-teens) RECOMMENDED - Fly around Pixie Hollow in Neverland,change outfits,get new hairstyles,do quests,chat, go to parties,decorate your home,ect. NOTE-NEED MEMBERSHIP FOR CLOTHES,HAIR,HOME, ( Full Answer )

What is a fun advertising game for kids?

Have someone say a advertisement and the first one to say the catch phrase wins. Like if I said "Mc Donalds" the first person to say "Ba Da Ba Ba Da! I'm lovin it!" wins.

What are some fun exercises for kids?

It depends on how old the kids are. If they are pre-schoolers, they would have fun with hoola hoops, streches, duck, duck, goose and maybe some creative dances. But if you are dealing with older kids, they would have more fun with sports, such as basket-ball, soccer, or just plain running.

What are fun websites for kids and teens?

I think facebook,twitter,and myspace are good websites but mostly for teens.Out of those I would suggest facebook for kids.Because alot of people go on it at my school and..i'm a kid.Lol.A really safe website I mostly suggest for kids and also teens is www.kidzworld.com .It's really fun its like a k ( Full Answer )

What did the kids in colonial Maryland do for fun?

well I'm not that sure but i think that might help you they did for fun was bobbing for apples. They filled a big tub with water and put apples in it. The apples floated. Then you had to put your face down in there and try to get an apple. It's fun but you might get really wet!

Why do kids need fun?

Kids need fun so that they don't easily get bored. Also if they don't have any they might walk around frowning.

Did Marie curie have fun when she was a kid?

A black panther is typically a melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat. Wild black panthers in Latin America are black jaguars ( Panthera onca ), in Asia and Africa it is the black tiger ( Panthera tigris ) and the black leopards ( Panthera pardus ), and in North America t ( Full Answer )

How do show kids learning is fun?

We can make learning fun by educational app games, I downlaoded anapp called Boto the pink dolphin from Play store. This app isspecially for kids learning, kids can play and learn from this app.This app makes learning fun for kids. My cousin play games andenjoy learning with Boto. You can download B ( Full Answer )

What is fun at a kids party?

The kids party is full of every type of fun and entertainment. Your kid can get fun funny and entertaining environment at any kids party. Actually, the purpose of kids party is to provide fun, enjoyment and laugh to kids.

What was life like for kids in the 1800?

First of all, you had to survive. Around 50% of all children in the19th century died of all kinds of diseases before age 14, amajority of that number even before age 5. If you survived, yourlife depended on your parents' wealth and social status. The largemajority of poor urban children were put to ( Full Answer )