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What did many American Women hold jobs as?


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In the wartime they worked doing anything that had to be done. It could have been any job from sorting screws, riveting, making ammo, making bombs, sewing uniforms, making boots, ANYTHING.

They also worked as child care workers for the war plant workers. They continued in business and often had to take over for the men who went to war. The women whose husbands owned businesses or farms took them over and ran them with the help of other women or men who were not eligible for military service. They did clerical jobs, ran switchboards, did barbering and hair cutting, worked in stores or even for the government (to replace workers gone to the war).

Women were nurses who served in the military, Red Cross or back home in the hospitals.

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Women usually have to do the jobs left behind by the men that were fighting. This means that many women might do more construction work or manufacturing.

In the 1800s, women did not have many jobs. Women were shopkeepers, teachers, or just stay at home wives.

Thanks to World War 2 people had many jobs because of the need to build guns and tanks. Such as when women wanted to help in the fight to. Many women got jobs building things for the people in the military.

Many women lost their jobs after the world wars, but I believe it was about 80,000 women. They had to give up their jobs for the men and return to being house wives.

There were 26 women in the American Revolution.

Yes, many women had an important part in society as men. The men were thought to be higher in class than women, and women were brought to obey men. Many important jobs, however, were held by women. Spinning, trading, working in fields, shopkeeping, baking, and other everyday jobs were held by women. Noble women had power too, contrary to common. Unmarried and widowed women were entitled to hold land.

Women felt more capable because they were able to hold down jobs previously only done by men. Many countries gave women the right to vote after World War I.

many women long ago did not have many jobs, not important ones though. these are a few of their jobs: nurses teachers and needleworkers mended men in the army maids

Many American women worked outside the home for the first time. Women performed many jobs that had previously only been performed by men, including work in factories, driving, and serving in non-combat roles in the military.

As the men left jobs to fight for our country, they were replaced by women. Women filled many jobs brought into existence by wartime needs.

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Women took over many jobs in factories, shipyards and farms, as well as working in many new munitions plants.

Referring to WWII? Well during the war, American men were drafted to become soldiers. Women took the mens jobs, although during the baby boom in the 1950's many women were forced to stay at home and nurture their young. A large majority of males, and male veterans replaced their jobs. Most women were not pleased because they enjoyed being in the industrial workforce.

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Many of them lost their jobs when the war ended, because many men returned to the jobs which they had left behind.

Again, as you may know, women weren't entitled to many jobs or services back in the day. Up until a decade or two ago, women couldn't serve. In WW2, American women spies were a bit more entitled than their German counterparts. In Germany, women were made to be in the kitchen. Americans harnessed that surprise factor.

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There are many good paying jobs for women. She could be a doctor, nurse, lawyer, actress, actor, IT professional, or CEO of a company. All of these jobs pay well.

Women and black men did many jobs during the war that had previously been done only by white men. After the war, some were able to keep their new jobs, and many were not.

The average person will work 5-15 jobs in a lifetime.

Women were employed in many jobs previously considered "men's jobs" during WW2. They did many heroic and dangerous tasks and proved their worth.

Yes, women worked in many mechanical and engineering jobs in WW2

Yes, many do. In many cases, they are primary breadwinners.

because pretty much all the men that were able joined the war causeing the women to take over there jobs and that is why many women have jobs today

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