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What did medieval queens eat?

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The Queen and her family were treated to meat pie (pork, beef, raisins and dates on top of whole chicken piece. They also enjoys soups that were flavored
with wine then thickened with almonds. They also had vegebalbe that were flavoured withe wine, honey, and herbs. Some other meals included vension pies,
rabbit in gravy, stuffed goose, fish marinated in ale. There desserts consisted of fried pastries, fruit confections and sculptures made of sugar.

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What do medieval queens eat for dinner?

Medieval Queens had a very big feast for dinner.

What did medieval Kings and Queens eat on?


Where were medieval queens from?

medieval queens were from many places.

What did Kings and Queens eat between meals in medieval times?


What was the role of queens in the medieval times?

medieval times queens position at middle ages.

Did medieval queens have problems?

Every person who ever lived had problems, regardless of when he or she lived. queens, even medieval queens, were no exception.

How does a medieval queen spend her time?

queens position medieval time

What were the kings and queens roles in the medieval?


How was the Medieval Times governed?

by kings and queens

Where did the medieval queens sleep?

In the castle obviously....

How many kings and queens where there in medieval times?

there were 10000 kings and queens in the middieval times

Who ruled the battlefield in Medieval life?

kings and queens ruled the battlefield in Medieval life.

How do medieval surfs dress differently than Medieval Kings and Queens?

Kings and Queens dress nicely and Surfs are basically slaves, so the dress in rags.

How Do the medieval people eat sushi?

In medieval times, I'm sure the Japanese ate sushi. Knights, kings, queens, and those kinds of people, didn't even know sushi existed.

What did queens do for fun in the Middle Ages?

The medieval queens had a big feast for fun in the middle ages .

Who made the laws in medieval times?

the kings and queens.

Did medieval queens keep pets?

They keep them in cages or do they

Where did queens live in the medieval times?

obiousley in a box

What did medieval Queens drink?

Wine, ale, or mead

What hardships did medieval queens face?

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Who were the people in charge in medieval times?

kings and queens

Did medieval queens go to a special school?

Queens got education from personal teachers who came to their kingdom to teach. These teachers were very hard to find in the medieval times.

Did medieval queens have pets?

There were lots of medieval queens, and I am sure more than a few had pets. Members of the nobility kept dogs commonly. I would bet they had cats also.

What was the medieval kings and queens job?

To rule the country/government

What was a day in medieval queens and kings life like?