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the men had to kill people during the war.


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The Kingdom of Serbia had 707,343 men fighting in World War I.

During world war 1, woman took over the roles of men, knitting lots of socks and beanies for the men who were off at war.

the men wore long pants and jackets to help keep them warm during the war. They had to wear boots too.

because then men were being soldiers in the war

On the contrary. Most of those who fought during World War I were poor or underprivileged men. The rich were not required to fight in the war. It was during World War I that the Selective Service began.

I don't think they even had Marlborough during World War I.

During World War I, between 702,917 and 888,246 men fighting for the United Kingdom were killed or died from extenuating circumstances during the war. This is compared to 123,829 civilian deaths.

Very scary many men were left dramatized

during the first world war 1 the suffragettes and other women took over the mens jobs as the men was at war

During World War 1 women were called upon to be nurses to soldiers. During World War 1 women also took the jobs that were left behind by the men that were in battle in an effort to support their families.

Because with all of the men gone at war, there was no one to work, but the women stepped in to substitute for the men.

Although Japan did declare war on Germany in world war 1 they never actually mobilized any men. They did, however, send aid and supplies to other counties during the war.

Women received men roles.

American women were thought of as more useful during World War 1. This is because they could sew and repair things that men couldn't.

the true age of men that went to war during the wold war ranged from;15-18;those men went or snuk into the navy because they were to young;19-30;were the main ages of the men that went to war. But unfurtuneatly only17% of these men lived the war.

During WW I many young men reacted by enlisting in the army, out of a patriotic desire to help win the war.

there were 2.4 Million men drafted in world war 1

1/3 of what the men got in battle.

2 million enlisted to fight for the war in 1914.

In World War I, as men left their jobs to fight overseas, women had know chose but to replace them.

None. There was no Irish Army during the First World War, as Ireland was not yet an independent country.

What was a popular drink during world war 1 & 2? What was a popular drink during world war 1 & 2?

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