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Colonial times were hard and families were large. Many men at that time had to work hard to support their families and they did so by farming or running a family business.

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Q: What did men do in the colonial times?
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What were the responsibilities of men in colonial times?

jobs and responsibilities of colonial men

How are women unequal to men in colonial times?

Women were unequal to men in colonial times by way inferior legal rights, such as the right to vote

What were the chores like for colonial men in colonial times?

Ask yahoo

What were the dress like for colonial men in colonial times?

very olden day

What did men hunt in colonial times?


What did fisher men do in the colonial times?


What did hatters do in colonial times?

colonial hatters made hats for men. some of them made hats for women but most were for men.

What were the roles of men in colonial times?

to feed the family

How did men get food in colonial times?

They hunted wild animals.

What did men and women wear in colonial times?

trench coats and top hats

What jobs did men and boys have in colonial times?

The jobs that men and boys had in colonial times were mainly working on farm, fishing and hunting. As for the women, they went out to gather fruits t make food among other household chores.

What would men do for work in colonial times?

they would fish hunt and provide for their families

Who were the only people able to vote during colonial times?

white and rich men

What were men's jobs in colonial Virginia?

jd what were men's jobs in colonial virginia?

Were men and women treated differently in the colonial times?

Of Course! Men were always superior to women (especially if they were white and owned land).

What was the men's role in the colonial period of South Carolina?

Men during colonial times worked hard to support their often large families. They worked farms, ran shops, and worked in the family business.

In colonial times what was a peruker?

in colonial times a peruker is a colonial wig Maker that sewed horse hair, goat hair and human hair into net, curled it and sold it for money to children, men and woman.

Were all landowners male?

In the colonial times, yes. Only men were allowed to own land.

Would a basket maker in colonial times be a woman?

yes they were men and women basket makers.

Were there nurses in the colonial times?

yes. there was nurses in the colonial times.

When was Colonial Times created?

Colonial Times was created in 1825.

What did the southern colony wear in the colonial times?

Men wore leather or sheep. Women wore garments.

What is a colonial merchant of colonial times?

a colonial merchant is a person in colonial times who keeps track of general stores and trade goods

What chores did colonial men have?

Colonial men farmed, fished, hunted, mined and tried to be the man of the house.

What do millers do in colonial times?

Millers made flour in the colonial times.