What did miners yell when they discovered gold?

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Legend has it that miners yell "Eureka" when they find Gold ..The reality however is a smart miner will keep very quiet about his discovery. Other miners will try to move in on you to get their share of the gold...

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Q: What did miners yell when they discovered gold?
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Why did the gold miners yell eureka?

because they struck gold.

When was gold discovered in cali?

Gold was discovered in California in 1848. The result was an influx of miners hoping to make a fortune by mining gold.

Getting gold out of miners hair?

Well, itIs said the miners would yell "Eureka" if they find gold. A smart miner will keep his gold secret because people will want his hair, and some gold dust is in their hair.

Who discovered Sacramento?

It was discovered when the miners were mining some gold while in 1849 they found gold and silver and named it Sacramento.

Why did the Gold miners move west?

To get the gold that was found in '48"49ers couldn't wait, discovered gold in '48"

Who discovered gold in the Rocky Mountains that caused miners to go west?


What happened in 1864 that made it easier for miners to reach the gold fields?

they discovered wagons

When were the first crystals discovered?

the first crystals were discovered in 1816, when some gold miners came across a cave of giant crystals.

Why did the miners in the gold rush disagree with the licenses?

Miners disagreed to licence because it had a fee you had to pay weekly or monthly, which made this unfair for miners, especially the unlucky ones. Gold rush: a rapid movement of people to a newly discovered goldfield

Why did thousands of fortune seekers stream to California in 1849?

Gold was discovered

What were the miners called in the gold rush?

Australian gold miners were known as diggers.Gold miners are generally known as prospectors.

Where there Native American gold miners?

There are native American gold miners in Africa

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