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What did monks do in the monstaries?

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Generally speaking monks would pray, chant the canonical hours (Prime, terce, sext, none, vespers, compline, matins, lauds), and they would work. Depending on where the monks were living and what order they belonged to they would have gardens, dairys, or they would teach, or provide medical services.

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Catholic monks, Orthodox monks, and Buddhist monks.

Christian medieval monks were Roman Catholic, of which the major orders were: The Benedictine Monks The Cistercian Monks The Carthusian Monks The Dominican Monks The Franciscan Monks The Augustine Monks, including the Gilbertines

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monk is not a he its a or the monks. monks are the praiser of there god or spirit the monks of the Christan live at the cathedral so do Buddha monks! almost all religions have monks. heres an example of monks and every thing..... praiser>monk>priest.

The collective noun for monks is an abomination of monks (from the older 'an abominable sight of monks').

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There were many different factions of monks in 1066. Some of the monks were called Benedictine, Carthusion, or Lenton monks. There were about 4 more factions of monks during this time.

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Usually. There are monks of other faiths (i.e. Buddhist Monks). But most Western culture only has Catholic monks. I am not aware of any other Christian denomination that has monks or nuns. At least not in the traditional sense.

Monks eat bread and vegetables

No, there are Christian monks as well.

Monks are supposed to be celibate (unmarried) so they rarely have children. A few monks are people who have had children in early life and then become monks in later life.