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Mrs. Dubose uses the alarm clock so she can take the morphine and also its the time that Jem will leave.

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Q: What did mrs dubose do with the alarm clock?
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Mrs dubose alarm clock?

The alarm clock of Mrs Dubose tells her when she can take her next dose of morphine. So every time the alarm clock starts ringing she tells Jem and Scout to go home because she wants to take the morphine...

How did Mrs Dubose use the alarm clock?

Each time her alarm clock goes off, it's time for her to take her medicine.

What pattern does scout begin to notice in their visits with mrs dubose?

alarm clock gets longer and longer

Why was mrs dubose in pain?

She is a morphine addict and is trying to get off of it. That is why each time the alarm clock rings, her maid makes the children leave so she can have her "medicine"

Why does Mrs. Dubose punish Jem in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Mrs. Dubose punishes Jem because Jem destroyed her camellia bushes with Scout's baton out of anger. The reason Jem was angry is because Mrs. Dubose says Atticus is no better than "n*ggers and trash he works for."The main reason of Jem's punishment was because of her morphine addiction. The alarm clock signaled the time Jem had to leave, but it's time grew longer and longer. Mrs. Dubose wanted to quit her addiction to morphine and die a "free woman". The alarm clock signaled the time to take morphine. The clock went of later and later until she broke free from her addiction(which she did, and then she died a free woman."Mrs. Dubose punishes jem because she wanted to distract herself from the morphine addict that she was.

In To Kill a Mockingbird what change had occurred in Mrs Dubose by the last week Scout and Jem went to her house?

The alarm clock wouldn't go off and she would release them by saying "That'll do"

What does jem have to do as punishment aftr he tears up mrs. dubose flowers?

Jem has to go to Mrs Dubose's house and read to her every night. The reading sessions end with an alarm going off (later and later each session) and Mrs. Dubose having a fit.

What is mrs dubose an example of?

What is Mrs. Dubose an example of

What is wrong with Mrs. Dubose?


How did Atticus greet mrs dubose?

Good afternoon ,mrs. Dubose

What kind of flowers did Mrs Dubose have?

Mrs. Dubose had snow-on-the-mountains and camellias.

What is mrs dubose full name?

her full name is Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose

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