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The Constitution created a national government made up of three separate branches (separation of powers) and provided for a system of checks and balances so that each branch could check the power of the other two branches, thus preventing any one branch from becoming too powerful. The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution also provides that powers not given to the federal government, nor specifically denied the states, belongs to the people and the states.

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Q: What did our Founding Fathers include in the constitution to prevent the national government form becoming too powerful?
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Which Founding Father favored a strong national government and a loose interpretation of the US Constitution?

Alexander Hamilton

Which founding father supported a strong national government and loose interpretation of the constitution?

Alexander Hamilton favored a loose interpretation of the Constitution, which allowed for a strong national government because Congress could pass laws based on the "elastic clause."

Hich feature of the constitution prevents one branch of the national government from becoming too powerful?

federal superemancy

Did the Constitution create a stronger national or state government?

yes, the constitution created a stronger national government :)

Why did the Founding Fathers not centralize all the powers of government in the national government?

The experience of living under England's rule taught them the dangers of centralized government. A federal system of government was established by the Constitution to not only divide power among three separate branches, but also between the national government and the states.

Why the Founding Fathers created a government structure with a weak national government?

They didn’t create a weak national government, but one with a balanced set of powers.

What were two main problems that occurred after the American revolution that led the founding fathers to write the constitution?

the national government could not tax the states and or pass federal laws

The first constitution gave the national government what?

stonger government

Concept of federalism?

The founding fathers, and the US Constitution limit the federal government's powers with the idea that the states will look after the welfare of their own citizens. Federalism is calling for enforcement of the Constitution to limit the federal government to matters of set out in the Constitution (such as national security and commerce), and give the states back the rights to govern themselves.

Why did people want state governments to be stronger than the national governments?

The people wanted the state governments to be stronger than the national governments because they had just escaped the rule of the British where there was a strong central government. But a weak national government didn't work out so, our founding fathers wrote the Constitution which we now live under today. I'm going to go further with this definition and tell you that Our founding fathers wanted a flexible Constitution that could easily change with the growing country.

The constitution requires the national government to guarantee?

The Constitution requires the National Government to guarantee a republican form of government for every state. It gives the states protection by defending them from invasion and threats.

What defines the structure of the national government?

A constitution.

How did the founding fathers feel about giving the president the power to appoint federal judges?

The founding fathers feared an all-powerful national government (as England had been). So in creating the Constitution they felt a need to balance power between three branched of government, each with specific, exclusive duties and powers.

After the Revolutionary War what did the National Government do?

After the Revolutionary War, the National Government worked to improve the role of government. The worked on the US Constitution.

Did the constitution also create a weaker national government?

no, it did not.

What is the source of the national government delegated power?

the constitution

Which groups believed the constitution would strengthen the national government?


What document gives the national government their power?

the constitution

What could the national government do?

what the constitution designates as lawful

What document is the source of the power of the national government?


Which powers are granted to the national government by the constitution?


Which document is the source of power for the national government?


What document is the source of power for the national government?


Why did the founding fathers fear a strong national government?

somebody would over rule

Powers of the national government that are specifically listed in the constitution?

Enumerated powers are the powers of the national government that specifically listed in the Constitution. Enumerated powers are listed in Article I, Section 8.