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They paid for a portion of the damage bill and provided support for the destroyed place. They also gave in ideas of improving the structural components of the buildings in taking on future earthquakes (a way of minimizing the damage as much as possible).

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After the Newcastle earthquake, the New South Wales Department of Community Services established an office in Newcastle to deal with problems that resulted from the earthquake. This involved processing applications for special earthquake assistance, and organising funds and donations. People from around Australia rallied to help victims of the Newcastle earthquake by donating goods and money to help them rebuild their lives. The State and Federal governments matched every dollar raised with an equal dollar - this meant that, if an RSL club from far north Queensland raised $500, then the State Government would match it with another $500, as would the Federal Government.

This system for processing financial and earthquake assistance and relief was kept in place for two years. Within the first nine months, the Department of Community Services had processed over 4,500 applications for assistance and $4,478,650 had been distributed to people affected by the earthquake.

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Q: What did people do to help in the Newcastle Earthquake?
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How was the Newcastle earthquake managed?

with the help from the community based groups: SES, Police and fire departments

How many people died in the Newcastle earthquake on Thursday 28 December 1898?

Thirteen people died during this earthquake and around 160 were injured.

What was the response of the Newcastle community after the Newcastle earthquake?

The community were disappointed as they had to pay for the damage so they couldn't control a natural disaster like an earthquake.

Where was the new castle earthquake epicenter?

The epicenter of the Newcastle earthquake of 1989 was in Boolaroo which is a suburb of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Boolaroo is 12 miles west of the Newcastle business district.

Who helped in the Newcastle earthquake?

The Newcastle earthquake was a Richter scale of 5.6 magnitude earthquake

What happend during the Newcastle earthquake?


What was the effect of the Newcastle earthquake on the natural environment?

the newcastle earth quake wiped out thousands of lives

Which areas of New South Wales were affected by earthquakes in 1989?

Newcastle was the city affected by an earthquake in 1989. The epicentre for the earthquake, which killed 13 people, was at Boolaroo, a Newcastle suburb 19 kilometres west of the CBD.Effects of the Newcastle earthquake were felt throughout central-eastern New South Wales. There were reports of damage to buildings in Scone, Gladstone and Sydney, the latter some 800km away.

Has Sydney ever had an earthquake?

No, but there has been an Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 north of Sydney in Newcastle.

Does Newcastle have earthquake building provisions?

think so

Has there been an aftershock for Newcastle earthquake?

Yes, but only one.

What did the Newcastle earthquake do to the structure of Newcastle?

The earthquake that struck Newcastle, Australia on 28 December 1989 caused significant damage throughout the city. 35,000 homes, 147 schools and 3,000 other structures in the region collapsed. The most damage happened at the Newcastle Workers Club when walls and multiple floors collapsed, dropping 300 tonnes of concrete onto the ground-floor car park, killing 9 people.