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Q: What did people say when the Berlin Wall was built?
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What wall did Ronald Reagan say to tear down?

Reagan was talking about the Berlin Wall, the wall between East and West Berlin that the Russians had ordered to be built.

What caused the Berlin Wall?

A big taco and some people say a 5$ footlong

Why do some people say east or west Berlin instead of east or West Germany?

Berlin is where the wall that divided Germany was built separating Germany and also Berlin, once it fell they were back together but had some differences since they had lived separated by the wall, on place was nicer and the other was all messed up, and that's what they reffer to when talking to east or west Berlin.

What does dismantled mean and do not say the Berlin Wall?

It means taken apart.

Reason for building the Berlin Wall?

The reasons depend on which side you are on! The communists built it - so they say - to keep the East Germans from being defiled by the low life in the West. But the West say they built it to stop the East Germans from crossing to the West and not going back

How will your world be different if it wasn't for John F. Kennedy?

Cuba might have had Russian missiles for a awhile and the Berlin wall might not have been built. Who can say? It has been long enough that there would not be much different by now.

What dynasty built the great wall?

most people would say that the Qin (Chi'n) dynasty built the wall but it reall was the Zhou dynasty. The zhou started parts of the wall and other dynasties added on or repaired the wall. well i think that most dynasty added a little somthing to it because the great wall was built a couple of times. as a matter of fact i think they are building a new one right now and they get people to work for them and then when those people die because they are worked to death they get new people (i got to social studies) The wall wasn't built in the Zhou Dynasty. During the Zhou Dynasty there were a lot of feudal states which each built part of the wall to defend against the invaders from the north of China. The wall was joined together in the Qin Dynasty and they added on to it so it was really built by the Qin Dynasty. Several other dynasties later also repaired and added on to the wall. The last to do so was the Ming Dynasty.

How do you say from in German?

from Berlin = aus Berlin, von Berlin.

How does the cold war relate to the Berlin wall?

I am a global history teacher, there are many ways to say this. It blocked their pelles from getting in the kauts,

What do Jews say a when they are at the wailing wall?

There is no such thing as a wailing wall. This is a misnomer imposed by non-Jewish people who misunderstood the dinstinctive style of Jewish prayer, and thought it was wailing.You are most likely referring to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.The Western Wall was built as part of the expansion of the 2nd Jewish Temple, approximate 20 BCE. It is a retaining wall of the Temple mount that was built by King Herod.Jews generally say prayers at the Western Wall, and there is a tradition of placing notes inside the wall's cracks.Answer:Its not only what Jews say. The Wall and Jerusalem is a holy place for 3 major religions (even though it is looked as for the Jews). When Jews go to the wall they put a message inside and pray. They read the bibles [note: this is not true. Jews Generally read from prayerbooks or the Torah at the Wall], say a prayer for a loved one (dead or alive), say there wishes, etc. Anyone can say whatever they want to say.

How do you say Berlin in German?

Berlin (it does not change)

How do you say 'hello Berlin' in German?

"Hello Berlin" = "Hallo Berlin"

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