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What did people use to decorate in World War 2 at Christmas?

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How did people decorate their homes during chistmas in world war 2?

same as today

Did people have Christmas trees in world war 2?


When did the people in the world war 1 think the war would be over?

By Christmas 1914, but it was not to be.

What did people eat in the world war 2 on Christmas day?


What did people eat for pudding at Christmas in World War 2?


What did people eat for Christmas dinner in World War 1?


How did the people in World War 2 celebrate Christmas?

Same as today with food and presents

How did the people back at home celebrate Christmas during World War 1?

I belive

Where did people from the World War 2 go for Christmas holidays?

Vacationing was largely discouraged during the war to save resources for the war effort.

Did World War I stop on Christmas?

Yes, World War 1 did stop on Christmas day and both sides of the war went and shook hands. FOR REAL !!!

When did the Christmas truce in World War 1 start?

On the Christmas of 1914.

What did children get for Christmas in World War 2?

how did christmas get celebrated i ww2

What did people eat in World War 2 at Christmas?

they ate everything we ate today even a TURKEY

Why did the Christmas Truce happen in World War 1?

Because it was christmas. Everyone loves christmas! :D

What did people eat for Christmas dinner in World War 2?

People during world war 2 ate chicken (if they were lucky) some times creamed sauce , bacon's and they made cakes out of all there rations. people used to save up for Christmas dinner ,breakfast and lunch they had an late breakfast and an early dinner.

Why did people think that world war 1 would be over by Christmas?

cuz dey felt like it FaM

What did people say World War 1 was going to be like?

When the First World War broke out, many believed it would be over by Christmas, and would be a "great adventure", an opportunity to see some of the world.

How can the people who were in world war 1 stop on Christmas day and then start again?

Because the people in the opposite trenches were not at war with each other. They agreed to turn off the artilley guns to spend on day away from the fighting. And it is important to note that there was only one Christmas Truce and it was on the Christmas that the war was supposed to have been over by when it began in August.

Did the soldiers of World War 2 stop fighting on Christmas?

There used to be Christmas "Cease-Fires" during the Vietnam War.

What Christmas decorations did they have in World War 2?

did they hav christmas trees during ww2

Christmas during World War 2?


What did child in world war 2 get for Christmas?

coal :)

Why did World War I stop on Christmas 1914?

It didn't.

Why didn't World War 1 end in Cristmas?

Becaue they didnt want people to die on Christmas when families where happy.

Where is the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree from?

The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree has been presented to the people of Britain from the people of Norway since 1947 as a token of thanks for help received during World War II.