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people used to wear saris

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Q: What did people use to wear in mohenjo-daro?
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What type of dress did mohenjodaro people wear?

pta nhi google

What do these seals reveal about mohenjodaro?

The type of animal people saw

What inventions in Mohenjodaro made it easy to trade with people from other places?

one thing they did invent was bangles. They were like braclets that women would wear on their arms that would make a cling noise. You would not just wear one you would wear many!

What is meaning of sindhi language word Mohenjodaro in urdu language?


What is the definition of mohenjodaro?

Mohenjodaro is the city which flourished during 2,500-1,500 BCE.

What is the cvilization of crops in mohenjodaro?

it is maze

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in the past what peopel algerian used to wear

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Do people in Europe wear deodorant?

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Were is mohenjodaro located?

It was located in the Indus River

What is the synonym used for mohenjodaro?

Mound of the Dead.

Which year was Mohenjodaro an active settlement?


What is the local name of Mohenjodaro?

Mound of the dead

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What are the materials used?

to built great bath , mohenjodaro

The great bath was excavated in the great city of?


What are the features of Indus Valley pottery?

harappa and mohenjodaro

What proof is there that Mohenjodaro was destroyed by nuclear weapon?


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Where was indus valley civilization first discovered?

Harappa and Mohenjodaro

In what part of Indian subcontinent was mohenjodaro?

I think it wuz northwest