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Zoot Suits and fancy cloths

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What is Something to wear beginning with letter 'z'?

People wear a zoot suit. It was popular in the 1940s.

What makeup did women wear in the 1940s?

in the 1940s they would use mosley lipsticks a dark red or a light color only few people would ware fouundation and lots of them did wear eye liner

What did men wear during the 1940s?

Army uniforms!!!!!

What is something you can wear that starts with an z?

A zucchetto is a cleric's skullcap. People wore zoot suits during the 1930s and 1940s.

What did people wear in 1940?

in the 1940s they started wearing black suits that was the most exspensive things in the world only the real real REAL rich people could answer it

Population in 1930s-1940s?

In the 1930s there were about 131,000,000 people living in the United States. In the 1940s this number increased to about 134,000,000.

What did orphans in the 1940s get to wear?

what ever they could find

What kind of clothes did men wear in the 1940s?

they wore suits! and what are the shoes called?

Who are some infamous people of the 1940s in the US?


What was the 1940s entertainment people?


Did woman wear jeans in 1940s?

woman actually started to ware jens in about 1930s

When did Turkish people migrate to Australia?


Who are the important people of the 1940s?

Hitler, Churchill.

What did girls wear in the 1940s?

In the 1940s girls would wear knee length dresses and skirts. Many of the clothing that girls wore in the 40s had patterns with lots of color. Suit jackets worn with knee length skirts was also a popular look.

What did the young girls wear during the 1940s?

girls wore dresses and boys wore pants

How did people go from NY to London in the 1940s?


What did people listen to records on in the 1940s?

Music - stupid!

What people did for fun and for job in the 1940s in Poland?

They did nothing

Did men always wear hats in the 1940s?

Many men did, but obviously not all men did. It was a very popular thing to wear hats during this time period.

What did men wear in the 1940s?

Men in the 1940s in the United States of America wore dress pants and a dress shirt to work. Men during this time wore jeans and a t-shirt outside of work.

What music did young people listen to in the 1940s?

je moeder

Why did people flee China in the 1940s?

Communist takeover in about 1948.

How did people address their parents in the 1940s?

In a very formal way

What toys did people play with in the 1940s?

they played with dolls and cars and that is it

Could people in the 1940s bleach their hair?

Yes, they could

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