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crowns made of laurel leaves

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What did Hicham El Guerrouj win in the olypmics in Athens?

he won a gold medal

What events took place in the ancient olypmics?

I know that the Romans did track racing (Romans created the olympics).

What do you get if you win the Olypmics?

You just get your medal....... and ALOT of news reporters bombarding you with questions....and mabey some fan mail!

What year the first olypmic games held?

1896 was summer olypmics and 1924 was winter olypmics

What did people win at the ancient olympic games?

Olive Branches

Who invented the olypmics?

The Greeks.

When are the morden olypmics held?


Where is the olypmics 2012?

In London, UK

How you get an ancient scroll on your Lego network?

you have to go to people that have jungle adventure sticker modules and click on it a chance to win an ancient scroll

Judo started in what year at olypmics?


What did people win when competing in the ancient Olympics?

An olive wreath and a statue honouring them in the temple of Zeus!

When does the Beijing olypmics end?

24th August 2008

How many sports are in the olypmics?

There are 30 sports in olympics

When did the Beijing olypmics start?

August 8, 2008.

Which countries have participated in every olypmics?

Switzerland, Great Britain.

When was the Moscow Olypmics held?

In 1980. By the way, it was the Summer Olympics.

What city hosted the 1998 winter olypmics?

Nagano, Japan.

What do the ancient and modern Olympic games have in common?

People run around with poles. You win nothing after you get first place.

How many sports are there in the olypmics this year?

there are in the olypmic are 165 sports games

Why isn't lacrosse in the olypmics?

its not big enough around the world yet

What did the winners in ancient greek Olympics get?

Well they win nothing but they have a ribbon tied around their head and sometimes people throw flowers and roses at the people.

Do people in ancient Greece receive a medal if they win an event in the Olympics?

No, that is a modern invention. They got a wreath of Laural leaves.

Who was the first person to win the ancient Olympics?


Did the ancient olympics win celery?

yes they did

Who is the 2012 olypmics aimed at?

No one the 2012 Olympics are 4 years away