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President Hoover expanded the public works more than any other previous president. President Hoover was the 31st President of the US.

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What did president Hoover expand more than previous presidents?

the economic role of the federal gevernment

Did President Hoover veto the reconstruction finance corporation throughout the great depression?

While President Hoover did veto the Reconstruction Finance Corporation bill, it was passed over his veto. He had already been defeated by Franklin Roosevelt the previous November and was only president for one more month after the veto.

Do you think president Hoover could have done more to end the Great Depression?

President Hoover did nothing to end the Great Depression and obviously had no understanding of economics. So yes, he could have done more.

What president published more than 16 books?

Herbert Clark Hoover was the 31st President of the United States. Hoover was a professional mining engineer and author. Herbert Hoover published more than 16 books.Fishing for Fun-And to Wash Your Soul is one of his most known book.

What president used the veto power more than any other president prior to the 1850s in American history?

Hoover vetoed the most in fact he was nicknamed the "veto president!

What is Herbert Hoover known for?

Herbert Hoover Is Known For The Great Depression. Our 31st President. Go To Youtube And Go To And From There, Theres A Lot More Answers

Who ran against Franklin D. Roosevelt in his first campaign for president?

Herbert Hoover It was more the other way round. FDR ran (and of course won) in 1932 against the incumbent Herbert Hoover. Herbert Hoover who was the incumbent candidate.

Is Barack Obama more protected then any other president?

Yes. Unfortunately weapons have gotten more sophisticated, and Obama as the president has been subject to more death threats than any previous president.

Did President Obama budget more money than any other President?

The budget that President Obama submitted will add more to the national debt than the debt created by all previous presidents.

Who was unfairly blamed for the Great Depression?

President Hoover was unfairly blamed for the Great Depression. Some feel President Calvin Coolidge should have been given more blame.

Why was the election of 1796 different from the previous election?

For the first time, more than one candidate ran for president.

How many terms can congressperson serve?

No matter what their previous job was, no one can be elected president more than twice.

Who is more of a hard ass Jeremy hoover or Hayden hill?

Jeremy Hoover, definitely.

Who was the first westerner elected president of the US?

Andrew Jackson was the first President who lived more than 125 miles from the Eastern coast. He lived in Nashville, which was on the Western frontier at the time.Herbert Hoover was the first president from west of the Mississippi .

Who is favorite president in United States?

Most likely Herbert Hoover because during the great depression, President Hoover encouraged the United States citizens to believe that tomorrow would be better. Him and his wife also put in protection so nothing like the great depression would ever break out again. Such as the AAA, FDC, SS, and many more. President Hoover didn't exactly heal the great depression, but he did he did make it possible for the country to land back on it's feet.

Why did many Americans blame Hoover for their suffering?

Hoover hung onto his hopes between Tariffs regardings Agriculture (farming) and the Great Depression and before he was finished over 8 million Americans were unemployed. Not all Americans blamed Hoover and it is complex. Please ask your question on There are many more details to learn regarding President Hoover in order for you to make your own judgment on the man.

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Liquids expand more than solids on heating

Does iron expand more or does brass expand more?

Yes because brass is a mixture of metal.

Why do objects expand when heated?

They expand because their molecules vibrate more rapidly resulting in more space between the molecules which makes the object expand.

Which party was more sucessful in the 1932 elections?

The Democratic Party was more successful in the 1932 election. Franklin D. Roosevelt beat out Republican Herbert Hoover to become the next President of the United States.

Which president believes in minimal government?

Pretty much none of them. Once someone has the power they are more prone to expand their power than give it up.

Accomplishments of Herbert Hoover?

Some accomplishments of Herbert Hoover when he was president were that he made laws for prison reform, he went after mobsters, and he set aside more land for National Parks. He also proclaimed the Star Spangled Banner to be the national anthem and doubled the number of veteran's hospitals.

President hoovers refusal to provide funds for the unemployed during the depression was based on his belief?

President Hoover did not believe that charity from the government would help people become employed. He did invest in the infrastructure of the United States to create more jobs.

What is the role of the Vice President?

The Vice President is President of the Senate and has the power to break a tie on votes in the Senate. The Vice President is also the successor to the Presidency if the President cannot continue serving in office. Vice Presidents have become more involved and more powerful in recent years. They serve as close advisers to the president and often bolster the presidents credentials because of their previous experience in government.

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