What did queen Cleopatra eat?

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The above is one opinion of Cleopatra. As to the question of what Cleo ate, we only have a limited knowledge of the Egyptian delicacies. Roasted boar was popular also what is known today as pate de foie gras was very popular as the Egyptians were the first to use it and it became popular all over the ancient world. Other delicacies could have been the flesh and tongues of the Nile flamingos. The brains of exotic birds such as ostriches, peacocks and parrots were relished. Sow's udders, elephant's trunks and camel's heels were also consumed. Camels heels were supposed to have been a favorite of Cleopatra, but the evidence for this is unreliable. Less exotic foods such as fish from the Nile and vegetables were also consumed. Some of the veggies were papyrus stalks, crisp lotus roots, lentils and garlic. Their entire menu was, to say the least, a little different from ours.