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Queen EElizabeth I achieved a lot when she was queen.

she let her country to victory,she settled religious issue's England richer and a lot more things. And not forgetting shedid all this without a king by her side.

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What did Queen Elizabeth I achieve as queen?

She pushed England away from Catholicism.

When did London have its first queen?

The first queen was queen was queen elizabeth.

Why do you remember Queen Elizabeth the first?

because it's recorded in a book that queen elizabeth was the first queen

Is Queen Elizabeth the best Queen England had?

No queen Elizabeth the first was a more popular queen.

Was Queen Elizabeth the first Queen?

She was not the first queenQueen Matilda reigned in the 1100s, around 400-500 years before Elizabeth I did.

Was Queen Elizabeth born in the Tudor times?

Queen Elizabeth the First was; Queen Elizabeth the Second was not - she was born in Windsor times.

Was Queen Elizabeth the Queen when shake speare was alive?

yes the first queen elizabeth i mean

What land was Queen Elizabeth the First the queen of?

She was Queen of England.

Who was the first queen before Queen Victoria?

Queen Elizabeth I

Was Queen Elizabeth I ever Queen of Ireland?

Yes Elizabeth the First of England was also Queen of Ireland.

How was Queen Elizabeth and queen Mary related?

If you mean Queen Elizabeth the First and Mary Queen of Scots,they were second cousins.

What age was Elizabeth first put as Queen?

Elizabeth 1st became queen when she was 25.

Why was queen Elizabeth the first disliked by Catholics?

Because Queen Elizabeth I was a Protestant, not a Catholic.

Did the first Queen Elizabeth marry?

Elizabeth I did not marry!

What was Queen Elizabeth nick name?

Queen Elizabeth the first was known as The Virgin Queen, Gloriana, The Faerie Queen or Good Queen Bess,

Who was queen of England in1559?

Queen Elizabeth the first.

Who was Mary queen of Scots related to Queen Elizabeth the first?

Mary Queen of Scots was Elizabeth the 1st's cousin

How old was Elizabeth the first of England when she became queen?

Queen Elizabeth I of England became queen at the age of 25.

When did Queen Elizabeth become famous?

Elizabeth I first became famous in 1558 when she became Queen of England. Elizabeth II first became famous in 1952 when she became Queen of England.

How did Queen Elizabeth the first use divine right of king?

Was Queen Elizabeth the first a anger to the English Bill of Rights?

How did Queen Elizabeth the first rule?

Queen Elizabeth I ruled after her sister Mary. She was in line for the thrown.

Was Elizabeth the first considered a queen?

Yes she was Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland from 1558 -1603

Where did Queen Elizabeth 2 get her throne from?

she got it from elizabeth the first

What day of the week did Queen Elizabeth get married?

Queen Elizabeth the first never married. Queen Elizabeth II was married on Thursday the 20th of November, 1947.

Who was king or queen when shakespeare was born?

Queen Elizabeth the First.

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