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What did radical Republicans do?

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They are known to have played a part in Reconstruction and the passing of the three amendments-the 13th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, and the 15th Amendment. They had 'radical' ideas, therefore becoming known as the Radical Republicans.

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How did radical Republicans differ from moderate Republicans?

radical republicans wanted to give african americans civil equality

With whose plans did the radical republicans disagrree?

with whose plans did the radical republicans disagree

What Republicans fought for equal rights?

radical republicans

What made radical Republicans radical?

They no like slaves

What did Radical Republicans believe?

The Radical Republicans believed in the abolishment of slavery and the protection of the rights of Freedmen in the South.

How did radical Republicans view reconstruction?

The Radical Republicans saw reconstruction as a way to punish southerners and reorganize the south. ;-}

Northern Republicans who wanted to punish the south?

radical republicans

What group led the impeachment of Andrew Johnson's the Radical Republicans or the Conservative Democrats?

The radical Republicans, led by Thaddeus Stephens.

Why did the radical republicans oppose president lincolns reconstruction plan?

Radical Republicans wanted to punish the South for committing Treason.

Radical republicans stand for?

Radical Republicans stood for abolitionism and they saw the war as an opportunity to get rid of slavery once and for all.

Who were the ultra radical Republicans?

Ultra radical Republicans strongly opposed slavery during the Civil War and after the war distrusted the Southern states. Ultra radical Republicans also demanded harsh policies for former Rebels and higher taxes.

What do moderate Republicans and radical Republicans disagree on?

I dont know. read a book

Who were the radical republicans and what did they want?

Radical Republicans strongly opposed slavery and were a proponent of equal rights during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania was a famous Radical Republican.

What signaled the end to Reconstruction?

Radical Republicans

What are the major goals of the radical republicans?

the had work to do

Goals of radical republicans?

To punish the South

What did the radical republicans want for the former slaves?


What president was impeached by the radical republicans?


What was not a goal for radical republicans?

brandin ross

The Radical Republicans passed a series of laws designed to?

The Radical Republicans passed a series of laws designed to protect the civil rights of African Americans.

What were official charges against Andrew Johnson by the radical republicans?

5 reasons why radical republicans thought senator edmund ross would vote with them

Who did The freeman's bureau act led moderate republicans to join forces with?

The Radical Republicans

Did the Radical Republicans favor President Andrew Johnson?

No. The Radical Republicans saw President Johnson as a Southern sympathizer who was a threat to their Reconstruction plans, and attempted to impeach him and remove him from office. The Republicans despised Johnson.

How did radical republicans gain power in congress?

Republicans gained control of Congress in 1866. Radical Republicans had the support of many Northerners who believed stricter measures should be taken against the former Confederate states. After the vicious violence in New Orleans that had killed dozens of Freedman, they supported the Radical Republicans and the Fourteenth Amendment.

What sis thaddeus Stevens a radical republicans leader want to do to southern plantations after the civil war?

he was a DUDE who was in the radical republicans and the man was honest and trustwortyy!1

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