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Q: What did scrooge say when he saw the cratchits celebrate Christmas?
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Where did Scrooge saw Marley?

He saw him on Christmas Eve in the living room of his house

What did Scrooge usually do on Christmas Day?

Scrooge usually worked on Christmas Day.. He hated Christmas and saw it only as a means to get money out of honest employers

What makes Scrooge like Christmas?

The visits from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, especially what he saw from the Ghost of Christmas Future, turn Scrooge around to liking Christmas.

What happens to Scrooge's belongings in the Christmas future?

The ghost/spirit of Christmas future shows Scrooge that all of Scrooge's belongings were stolen. He saw people stealing his curtains, clothes etc. from his home and items from his graveside.

What was Scrooge's reaction to the three ghost?

Fear. Scrooge saw that the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come was different to the others and had an air of menace about it

Who were Scrooge and Marley?

Scrooge was the name of the miser in Dickens "A Christmas carol" . He was the one who saw the four ghosts. The first ghost was that of Jacob Marley, Scrooge's dead partner.

What did belle want to marry Scrooge in a Christmas carol?

They were engaged bu Belle brojke it off as she saw the change in Scrooge in favour of money and not her

What are people saying about Scrooge on Christmas carol?

that he use to be mean and changed at the end if you saw the story

Who did Belle's husband say that he saw sitting alone in the book A Christmas Carol?

who did he see

How did Scrooge react to the visit between Fred?

Complete intolerance; He saw Freds' invitation as completely useless as he (Scrooge) considered Christmas a complete humbug

Why was Scrooge startled when he looked at his door knocker on Christmas Eve?

He saw the image of long dead Jacob Marley

What are some things that Scrooge saw with the ghost of Christmas past?

They saw his old school where he was a boarder and always stayed even through Christmas when others were with family. He saw his sister Fan die in childbirth, and then he saw the scenes of Belle breaking off their engagement.