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What did servants wear?

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usually just a thin material for the dress (or top and skirt) and a thicker material for the pinny

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What clothing did the civil servants wear in Ancient China?

Blah blah blah

What would Tudor servants wear and what was there job?

they wore cloves and there jobs were servents

What did a Hebrew servant girl wear?

There is no description anywhere in the Bible of what Hebrew servants wore.

What did servants wear in the Medieval Times?

their clothes were made out of burnet and some other materials

What did indentured servants wear?

I think that they wore whatever clothes and that they wore like dresses or gowns etc..

What shoes did ancient Egyptian servants wear?

If you look at the tomb paintings domestic servants and slaves went barefoot. Ancient Egyptians generally went barefoot even the Pharaoh. When they did wear shoes it was normally sandals made from papyrus or leather. They were only worn on special occasions or to protect their feet.

Why do religious people wear religious symbols?

To keep away from maya or satan or devil. To warn evil that we are servants of God

What did Victorian servants wear?

Victorian Servants, who worked for the rich, usually wore white, long- sleeved shirts and black trousers. On top of all those CLEAN clothes, they wore an apron when cleaning, cooking or serving.

Is servants an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. The word servants is a plural noun.

How many servants were on the Titanic?

There was forty three servants on he Titanic. The wealthy took their servants along. The servants were given second class accommodations.

What is the collective noun for servants?

The collective noun is a staff of servants.

What did servants in ancient Egypt wear? Hope this helps! Best I could find...

What clothes did the servants wear in Tudor times?

they wore bright necklesses and dresses and bows with a broom stick to make them look like a witch

For a story I'm writing There is max of 7 servants to this household one head servant For a wealthy family in 2020 would the servants and such still wear uniforms or no what would they wear?

research has proven that in the future, people would get bored of clothes and just simply cover their privates instead, so they would probably do that, the research has taken place in Yale university

What is another name for civil servants?

Public servants.

What are synonyms of indentured servants?

a synonym for Indentured Servants

Are servants rich or poor?

poor that is why they are servants lol

Did owners of indentured servants pay there servants?


What did female servants clothes look like in medieval times?

they used to wear mostly brown dreeses, rough and tough they would get esaliy destroyed ]

What was hades servants name?

All the dead are servants of Hades.

What did slave owners call house servants?

indentured servants

When was The Servants of Twilight created?

The Servants of Twilight was created in 1988.

What is the ISBN of The Servants novel?

The ISBN of The Servants - novel - is 0007261934.

What did servants in the old day's do?

Which old days? Who's servants? It really depended on those two elements. Slaves were servants, and personal assistants are the modern servants. As you can see, there's a huge difference between the two, and there were servants that did everything you can imagine at some point in history.

Did Jamestown use slaves or indentured servants?

They used indentured servants.

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