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Dry biscuits, canned meat. Very small rations of food every day. A hot meal was rare in a trench. Although most soldiers who were sent out of the trench for serving their time could buy a hot meal in a city for a few cents, then go back to duty.

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Q: What did soldiers eat in world war 1?
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What did the World War 1 English soldiers eat in the trenches?

British soldiers in world war 1 had 6oz

What did the New Zealand soldiers eat during the world war 1?


What did the soldiers eat in world war 1 trenches?


What did the soldiers in world war 1 eat?

Mostly bread and water.

What did French soldiers eat during World War 1?


What did soldiers eat during World War 1?

What did soldiers eat in trenches during World War 1?

they ate pot noodles

What would soldiers eat in World War 1?

Stale biscuits Canned meat

Did black soldiers fight in World War 1?

Yes, Black Soldiers did fight in World War 1

What did soldiers use to eat in World War 1?

canned tuna, bread, and pea soup

Why did German soldiers put number on their helmets during World War 1?

to eat chicken

How did US soldiers help in World War 1?

they fight and eat pizza every day

What did soldiers eat in World War 1 for lunch?

I think they ate these food packages that had 5 meals in them. They were called 5 in 1. All the soldiers ate them.

What were French soldiers known as in World War 1?

The French soldiers in World War I were known as poilu.

Was what the soldiers in World War 1 ate enough?

no it wasn't. they could only eat a little bit.

What did the soldiers eat during world war 1?

They didnt eat much; just hard biscuits. The soldiers hardly got any meat. and they didn't have much water.

There are about 4 times as many soldiers in world war 2 than in world war 1 what fraction represents world war 1's soldiers to world war 2?

1/4th or a quarter

How many soldiers from all over the world fought in world war 1?

how many soldiers fought in world war 1hundreds of thousands

How many soldiers died in World War 1 and two?

In World War I about 9.7 million soldiers died. In World War II about 24 million soldiers died.

How many soldiers were enlisted in world war 1?

There were 16.1 million soldiers that served in the military during world war 1. In the US 500,000 soldiers volunteered.

How did nurses treat wounded soldiers in World War 1?

Nurses treated soldiers in world war one...

How did the soldiers find time to eat in World War 1?

They stopped by houses on the way and took all their food

Did World War 1 soldiers receive medals after World War 1 or during?

During and after

What are the wars of the soldiers who are buried in the tomb of the unknowns?

they were unknown soldiers from world war 1, world war 2, Vietnam war, and the Korean war

How many soldiers participated in both of the world wars?

120 million soldiers in world war 1 and An estimated 150 million soldiers in world war 2