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Stand Guard, load magazines, clean weapons, sleep, write home, eat, sweat (its hot there), get wet (it rains there), dig deeper fox holes, read mail, plant claymores (mines), and one other thing PRAY.

Some soldiers got involved with the local women and community.

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Number of soldiers in the Vietnam war?

The maximum number of US soldiers in Vietnam at one time was 500, 000. 3 million Americans were in the Vietnam war altogether.

Did Turkey have troops fighting in Vietnam?

No. Turkey was not involved in the Vietnam War. However, Turkey did contribute soldiers to the Korean War (which made that war the first time that Turks and Greeks fought on the same side in any conflict).

How many soldiers are in the Vietnam military?

At the time of the Vietnam War their was about 2 million. Now their is roughly 760,000.

How many US soldiers were in Vietnam at one time?

At the height of the war there were approximately 500,000 US Marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Coast Guardsmen in Vietnam.

What advantage did the M-16A1 give the soldiers in the Vietnam war?

In Vietnam, for the first time in US history each and every US fighting man possessed a fully automatic rifle. During WWII, each and every US fighting man possessed a semi-automatic rifle (the M1 Garand).

How were soldiers in Kokoda entertained?

They were busy fighting and surviving - there was no time for entertainment.

What did the Vietnam soldiers do in there spare time?

They killed each other for practice. That's why we won.

What difficulties did United States soldiers face in Vietnam?

The difficulties faced by US servicemen in Vietnam were the same difficulties faced by any and all past servicemen during war time. The tropical heat faced by US GI's in Vietnam were no worse nor no better than the Marines and Soldiers fighting in the Pacific Theater of WWII experienced. The casualties from exploding shells and flying bullets were no worse nor easier than the shells and bullets our GI's faced in the Korean War. Being drafted for Vietnam was no different either, many, if not most, of those GI's fighting in Korea, WWII, and World War I were also drafted. If there was any difficulty that stood out for the Viet War veteran, it was rejection and discrimination from his fellow citizens (fellow countrymen). So much so, that in 1974(?) the US government had to pass a non-discrimination law for Vietnam War Veterans. And those rejections and discriminations, with time, have smoothed over, and have nearly disappeared.

What did soldiers do on their spare time during the Vietnam war?

In the field, playing cards (gambling) was common.

Why is Memorial Day important in the US history?

A time to remember our soldiers, for fighting for our country.

How many soldiers in the Vietnam War?

Over the course of about 14 years, about 2.5 million American military spent time in Vietnam. There were as many as 500,000 troops at any one time.

Where did most battles often occur?

To pass the time, what did soldiers in the civil war do?

How did Americans come to serve in Vietnam?

At the height of the Vietnam War, there were about 500,000 American soldiers in the country at any given time. Over the course of the war, about 2 million served in the nation of Vietnam.

How many combat infantryman were in Vietnam?

i did a report a long time ago in school and researched this information. On average there were only about 35,000 combat soldiers in Vietnam, on the average. Which made up only about 10% of the total American soldiers in Vietnam. It takes alot of support personnel to take care of the logistics, administrative needs, and etc... for each combat soldier. The number of combat soldiers in Vietnam rose to approximately 50,000 combat soldiers during the Tet Offensive.

What year had The highest number of us soldiers in south Vietnam at one time?

The U.S. involvement peaked in Vietnam in 1968. It was also the year for the highest number of casualties.

Why was America fighting in Vietnam a mistake?

What the war in Vietnam was... it was a SHAME. Our troops were involved in a conflict that is no different than the conflicts in Afghanistan or Iraq. The brave young men and women fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq are seen as heroes; the brave young men and women who fought in Vietnam were seen as trash, killers, and every other imaginable degrading name. The main difference between these conflicts... the American news media. Please, when you meet a Vietnam Vet, take the time to thank them for their service and tell them how sad America should be that these brave soldiers were treated the way they were.

What were the conditions for Australian soldiers in the Vietnam War?

the conditions for the Australian soldiers was the same as all of the previous wars. But the soldiers this time didnt come back as Heroes, they suffered, faught in the worst conditions ever, against a strong army who lives in jungles and were finlly defeated. the weather and Vietnam's climax made it very difficult for the soldiers to fight, the enemy was very tough, they had very smart techniques and one of them was the Guerilla warfare, the most difficult type to fight. As well as the issues involved in the Vietnam war were never straightforward, which made the fighting harder.

Do roman soldiers get free time?

yes they do by training,fighting and many more like bathing in bath houses.

Vietnam war's effect on America?

The Vietnam war was one of the first wars in American history the the majority of the public didn't approve of. To the public, there was no clear purpose (or at least an unclear purpose), like during WW2, when the clear purpose was to defeat the Nazis. Therefore, for the first time, soldiers doubted what they were fighting for, and when they came back, they were looked down on and even hated.

What role did France play in the Vietnam War?

France had conflicts with north Vietnam and had sent troops along before the u.s and retreated around the time the u.s. got involved. The french sent the soldiers to south Vietnam since north Vietnam was resisting colonial control from France.

How did the United States influence World War 1?

they cam into the battle with lots of soldiers, none of which were injured or tired like soldiers from other countries who had been fighting for a long time. these new soldiers helped to win the war

Where did Valentine's Day begin?

at the end of the Vietnam war. The soldiers organised a day just so that they could spend time with their loved ones.

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