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Southern people argued for the continuation of slavery in 1830. After it was denied by the government, they started to petition for their states to secede from the Union.

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In arguing for the continuation of slavery after 1830 southerners?

The southerners placed themselves in opposition to much of the rest of the Western world

What is the proslavery movement?

Proslavery movement was an attempt by Southerners to justify and expand slavery in America between the 1830's and 1860.

What was mexico's policy toward slavery in 1830?

Mexicans in 1830 were against slavery and abolished it in the Decree of April 6, 1830.

What date did slavery begin?

1619 to 1830

Why did Andrew support the Indian removal act of 1830?

Southerners wanted him to remove the Native Americans from the South

What was Daniel Webster's address to the senate in 1830 in reply to senator hayne best remembered for?

Protectionist tariffs are what he was arguing for

What law did Mexico make in 1830 about Texas?

Mexico banned slavery.

Why were the Texans upset with the Mexico?

Slavery (it was banned in Mexico since 1830).

What was the main purpose of the law April 6 1830?

to stop slavery

Why did Andrew Jackson support the Indian removal act of 1830?

southerners wanted him to remove Native Americans from the south.

Which development in the 1830's was aimed at ending slavery?

abolitionist movement

The 1830 debate between Senators Daniel Webster and Robert Hayne focused on?


Why in 1830 did Mexican authorities ban us immigration to Texas?

they did not want slavery in their territory

Why did slaveholders begin defending slavery in racial terms in the 1830's?


What was the biggest issue dividing America in the early 1830?

The biggest issues were equality,slavery, and syffrage

How did the slave population change by 1830?

in 1830, black leaders began holding annual conventions devoted to abolishing slavery in the S & repealing discriminatory black codes in the N.

What was one issue that raised the political stakes in the 1820'S and 1830'S?


What was the reason for the Alamo?

Mexico did not want Texas part of there contry Mexico made slavery illegal @around 1830, white people did not like it and joined u.s. to continue slavery.

Did Canada ever have slavery?

No they didn't, Eh? "Yes" Canada did have slavery which they ended sometime in the 1830's. Canada used both African Americans as slaves and Aborigines as slaves.

By supporting the Indian Removal Act of 1830 President Andrew Jackson?

the southerners wanted the native Americans out so they can expand their land, Andrew Jackson approved.

How did apologists describe the institution of slavery before the 1830's?

A nevessary evil!! Trust me just had this question on a test got it right :)

What is the law of April 6 1830 about?

Mexican law passed down to the U.S.A which banned immigration made slavery illegal, and canceld empresario contracts.

What were the people who worked to end slavery called?

In the early 1830's the anti-slavery abolitionist movement became an active minority movement to end slavery in the United States. While many Americans at the time in the North did not favor slavery, they accepted it as part of the South's culture. Many Americans believed that the immediate and total end of slavery, as the abolitionists wanted would cause a huge economic and social disruption.

Which party was formed from the groups that opposed the agenda of the Democrats in the 1830's and lost support when it refused to stand strong against slavery?

The Whig Party

What is divisible by 1830?

Multiply 1830 by any integer, and you get a number that is divisible by 1830.

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