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IT WAS THE INSIGNIA FOR THE 101ST AIRBORNE, 506TH PIR (PARACHUTE INFANTRY REGIMENT), COMPANY "E" (ALSO KNOWN AS EASY COMPANY). MOST COMPANIES HAD DIFFERENT INSIGNIAS ON THEIR HELMET. THIS WAS DURING WW 2, I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS IS STILL DONE ON HELMETS TODAY. == Not quite. I think this answer is already on this site, somewhere. The Spade was worn on the helmets of the 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment. each battalion had a dash(-) mark placed next to the spade to identify its company. The other Regiments of the 101st Division used the Heart and Diamond. Painted markings on helmets were not common in combat. Why? If the soldier wanted to be camoflaged then that would be the surest way to get his head blown off. Usually when you see an insignia painted on a helmet it is the helmet liner only. However, some units did paint them on their helmets as verified by photos taken at the front. Some units were:

36th Infantry Division

3rd Infantry Division

34th Infantry Division, even though a veteran recently told me his unit didn't have any markings on their helmets, not even the bar on back that designated officers. Custermen

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Q: What did spades on American helmets mean?
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